Bury St. Edmunds by day, by night and by morning fog

We were in Bury St. Edmunds to see Bow and Sandra, but didn’t know what to expect of the market town in Suffolk. Read more…


A day with friends in Bury St. Edmunds

It has been over a year since we last saw Bow – and she’s now all grown up. Read more…


Pausing for a moment

We have rushed through Liverpool Street Station so many times – usually running late so we have missed this status at the front of the station. Read more…


Reindeers, dogs and walking Christmas trees in Belgravia!

We were dressed and ready to roll – me in red roll-neck jumper and George in his red tartan shirt, we were dressed for some festivity at the Belgravia Christmas market on Elizabeth Street. Read more…


Two Candles

Today is the second Advent Sunday. Read more…


All the leaves are brown

And I am camouflaged! Better to hunt squirrels with! Read more…


Il pranzo e la Cena al ristorante Fucina

Rusty told us about yet another dog-friendly restaurant in Marylebone – and another Italian!  Read more…


24 days till Christmas!

It’s the first day of Advent Calendars! The countdown has begun! Read more…


Did you bring home Noah’s ark?

What are these little critters? Read more…


The first sighting of Santa!

We are standing in the queue at Santa’s Grotto at Duke of York Square. Read more…

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Happy Birthday, Rusty! (And our humans are now certifiable…)

Yesterday at our November Hyde Park Doodle Meet, we had cake to celebrate Rusty’s 5th birthday!  Read more…


Making Mummy LOL!

Do you think Mummy’s happy to have us altogether again? LOL!  Read more…


If it was me, I would have been dunked!

Day 2 of Impostor’s trip to Jordan with Mummy, they went to the Baptism Site at River Jordan. Read more…


Do you know Milo, aged 2?

This little guy, Milo was tied to a post at Green Drive Area of Lytham, Lancashire and found on the 21 November.  Read more…


You’re a Bernard-doodle?!?!?! Will you come to our Hyde Park meet?

We were walking along Elizabeth Street when we saw this guy!  Read more…


“The man, the myth, the legend.”

When Ray and Diane went to a puppy mill in San Diego to rescue a dog for a friend, they met a little toy poodle. He was one of their stud dogs, but they had no more need for him.   Read more…


Impostor meets the Petra dogs

She does get around, doesn’t she? Read more…


Looking forward to being “Together” …

Have a good trip, Mummy! We’ll see you soon! Read more…


Sometimes we all lose the plot

Oh dear, George lost the plot, Mummy lost the plot and so did I. Read more…


Me and the Red Elves!

The “elves” were out! And they were at the Apple Store on Regent Street yesterday –   Read more…


Meet “For-now-Radar” from Tunisia

We were in Pet Pavilion the other day when this other dog walked into the store – and of course I barked at him. Read more…


Approval ratings by dogs …

Do you remember that John Lewis Christmas advertising that we shared last week – about Buster the Boxer on a trampoline? Read more…


Wearing Pudsey ears for our Little Hoomans in need

Mummy bought us some Pudsey ears today so we can give back a little to hoomans. Read more…


Dogs DO Ballet!

Oh yes, we do!
Read more…


It’s seafood time!

We went a little further afield in search of another dog friendly seafood restaurant – all the way to Borough Market. Read more…


Guide Dogs ONLY at Borough Market – not really!

We were on a mission to find a dog friendly restaurant at Borough Market. Read more…


Number One, London

Would you believe we’re in the middle of central London? Read more…


I met a distant Uncle!

Mummy and I got into a taxi one day last week and the driver turned and ask – “Is that a cockapoo?Read more…


“We will remember them.”

Today is Remembrance Sunday. Read more…


It must be almost Christmas!

Every year in the U.K. we await the John Lewis Christmas commercial – this year, we highly approve of it!!!

Read more…