Wir sind in Deutschland!

We made it!

This is George reporting from Düsseldorf after a very long and tedious journey
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Confessions of a failed fosterer

This was going to be Part II of The Mind of a Hungarian Refugee. We thought we would have another chat with George following on from an interview earlier this year to find out what he thinks on his second GOTCHA Day anniversary.

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The walk backwards goodbye

Goodbye, Mummy. Read more…

  • img_6183Max the Goldendoodle
  • img_6218Chewie and Maisie - puppies at play
  • img_6215Mr. Spencer
  • img_6170
  • img_6168
  • img_6172
  • img_6173Hebe saying "Namaste"
  • img_6176
  • img_6177
  • img_6182
  • img_6181
  • img_6179Cookie
  • img_6178Barnaby
  • img_6184Enzo being enticed by Chewie
  • img_6185
  • img_6186
  • img_6187
  • img_6188Dash
  • img_6191Dash watching Chewie
  • img_6192Miuccia checking out the place
  • img_6193Miuccia joins in
  • img_6190
  • img_6189
  • img_6194
  • img_6195Lola
  • img_6197Chewie running like mad
  • img_6198
  • img_6199
  • img_6200
  • img_6201
  • img_6202
  • img_6214
  • img_6207
  • img_6213Maisie just arrived
  • img_6216Sharing tips!

It’s HPCC Sunday and we had our first Goldendoodle!

Meet Max, our first Goldendoodle at our Hyde Park meets!   Read more…


A Saturday afternoon’s work

After lunch at Bellanger in Islington Green, we went to attend the consultation sessions at Design Junction. Read more…


It was a doggone doggy day in North East London!

We never usually venture too far east from where we live in London, nor north for that matter. But Mummy had an appointment in Islington yesterday, and we had heard there’s a dog-friendly restaurant out that way. Read more…


Ready and Fit-to-Fly

We have been preparing George to go on his first flight abroad.  In the past we had travelled by train to Amsterdam and Berlin but this time Mummy is taking him to Mallorca. Read more…


Wonder why Wonderboo?

Mummy is having us try some new food. It’s called Wonderboo. We wondered why. Read more…


Gone for a heart transplant

Niki, that’s my Teddy. Read more…


All the leaves are brown …

And the sky is gray.  Read more…


Grissini Monster goes to Zafferano

We like Italian and we especially like those Italian breadsticks – grissini! Read more…


Shhhh. It’s a Resting Place.

In a small corner of Hyde Park is the Pet Cemetery – a little secret place quietly hidden away from the public eye.  Mummy took me to visit the Pet Cemetery and to learn about its history.

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The moment he stole Mummy’s heart

They say the best moments happen when they’re unplanned. Read more…


Darcy goes to Bronté

I am sure it was Austen who wrote about a certain “Mr.Darcy.”  Have we made a literary mistake with Bronte? Read more…


Forget me not – for Izzy

Mummy and I went to visit Diesel and his family in Manchester last weekend.   Read more…


Izzy, do you see what I see?

We were out taking an evening walk last night and couldn’t help but notice the bright Harvest Moon in the sky. Read more…


Did you say “Squirrel”?

Mummy took me to the vet again today for a booster shot –   Read more…


Moments like these …

makes Mummy wonder why she doesn’t have Charlie more often. Read more…


In a New York state of mind

We walked past a newly established eatery near us –  B Bagel Bakery Bar and immediately New York comes to mind. Read more…


Dining with Diesel in Manchester

Mummy and I took a trip to Manchester on Saturday to meet Diesel and his family. Read more…


Bretagne, the last of the 9/11 canine heroes

In the aftermath of 9/11, more than 100 dogs scoured the twisted pile of concrete and ash where the World Trade Center once stood.  They worked endlessly to assist the rescue teams in search of survivors at Ground Zero.

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She’s not a “dog lady”!

Mummy learnt to love dogs. Before I existed, dogs were invisible to her. Today, she sees every dog when she’s out and about. And whenever asked, she can’t refuse to take them for the day or night(s). Read more…


Beds are meant to be shared

Do you remember the saga of Mummy getting that Muutu “bucket” and converting it into a “bed”?  Read more…


Shaggy Selfies

It was the summer holidays. A few of our friends have been away, our dog walker went on holiday including our groomer. But September is here, school is back which means our doggy friends have all returned too.  In the meantime, we have become shaggy dogs! Read more…


A Secret Garden in Kensington

In the middle of busy Kensington is a little oasis – a tree-filled private garden. Mummy likes going there for some quiet time, to think about things to pause from rushing through the day. And of course, she prefers our company than not. Read more…


Meeting Mrs. Bernaise at Farmacy

When we published our Wine and Dine list last week, several people wrote us with places we have not been to.  Sandra told us she was going to a new place called Farmacy in Bayswater and we said we would meet her there! Read more…


Is it a bed or is it a bucket? Truthfully.

Mummy is constantly searching for that bed that SHE likes. It doesn’t matter what we think, she’s still not happy with what we’ve got – even though they are really comfy. Read more…


Sunday lunch with Charlie at HUNter 486

Yesterday we went for Sunday roast with our friend Charlie. He and his mummy Sarah had come to London from Gloucestershire.  Read more…


Finding “Lord Minimus” in the back garden

We were at Stanley’s for a summer barbecue … Read more…


It’s easy to think about those we love …

It was one of those days when we happened upon an unusual place. It wasn’t exactly a restaurant but a fitness type of place where we could sit and Mummy could have some healthy smoothie. Seems like quite a trend these days. Read more…