Crime Watcher George!

We were house-sitting over the weekend when we were awoken on Sunday night, at about 3:30am to be precise, by a loud thud of a noise.  George immediately started barking incessantly.  It didn’t bother me. Read more…

Let’s hit the road, George!

There is another park in London we needed to check out – Victoria Park all the way in Tower Hamlet. We’ve  never heard of this park before yesterday. But it was really quite far.  Read more…

Love that hurts

We’ve learnt of how Heidi got lost when she was spooked when on a walk.  For ten days, her mummy looked for her as other hoomans and pooches joined in the search. Read more…

Let’s keep looking, let’s keep hoping

Yesterday while we celebrated the return of Heidi, we couldn’t help remembering that it had been almost exactly two years ago that Izzy was lost. Read more…

The wheels on this bus went round and round a gazillion times!

We prefer the bus to the London tube and these are the reasons why … Read more…

Breaking news: HEIDI has been found!

We told you about a search party last Sunday in the Surrey Hills to look for Heidi who ran away when she was spooked.  We just read from Find Heidi’s Facebook page that ten days since she went missing, she’s been found!!!! Read more…

Una piccola parte di Italia a Spitalfields

A little bit of Italy in Spitalfields, East London! Read more…

Oh, Tommy – you’re really mixed up!

In such a LOVELY way! Read more…

Our secret Valentine

We had a surprise in the post … the thing we like the most – treats! Read more…

Loving Moments

This photo of Lucca and his mummy – there’s no need for words. Read more…

Tomorrow is the day of hearts

Walking around London, we’ve started spotting lots of hearts – these are some of our favourites. Read more…

Us in 3D!

A couple of weeks ago, we went all the way to Shoreditch to a 3D printing shop. We didn’t quite understand what that meant. Read more…


Heidi is a much loved, rescued ex breeding beige/ mink spayed Cockapoo dog. Missing since Sunday 5th February 2016 for 5 days in Blackheath Common, in the Surrey Hills. Read more…

Churchill is part of the “doodle” gang

It’s been two weeks since we met a barking, yelping, crying Churchill tied up outside Daunt Books on Fulham Road. Since then some things have changed … Read more…

Mr. Darcy vs Miss Darcy

Apparently it has been revealed what Mr. Darcy might have looked like. since very little description was made of him in Jane Austen’s novel.   Read more…

“All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadows.”

A quote from Leo Tolstoy.
Read more…

Cocktails, Hebe?

What will you have?
Read more…

Is it that time of the month?

Guys, I think it is. Do you think if we all huddle together on this fur throw, they might not see us? Read more…

Where’s the beef?

No, we’re not becoming vegetarian. Never in a million years! Read more…

Magical Morden Hall Park

Stanley, Hebe, Jaffa and I had a mini cockapoo meet-up last Wednesday in a new park that Mummy has never been to, but George and I have been there a few times with Agnes. Read more…

Dinner sorted @DukeofYorkSquare

It’s Saturday, its market day and yesterday we went to the Duke of York Square’s Fine Food market. Read more…

Thoughtful words

There’s a lot going on in the streets of London – its noisy not just with sounds but also visually. Lots of colours, lots of lights, lots of vehicles, lots of people of all ages, sizes and nationalities. Read more…

Home Alone

We had an invitation to the preview of a dog art exhibition by Gavin Watson  Read more…

Ladies who lunch at Tom’s Kitchen

We were walking past Chelsea Green and walked past Tom’s Kitchen when Mummy’s friend suggested going in for lunch. In the past, when Mummy had asked, they said no dog allowed. Read more…

Doing our rounds with Royal Mail

This is a rare sight – not because we were all wearing red but that we were posing with Mr. POSTMAN!!!! Read more…

Three for company?

Saturday was a planned day full of places to go to and things to check off the list. We had left Maddie and George at home while Mummy and I walked to buy tickets for the new film T2.   Read more…

The Aftermath

After all the fun had been had at our Doodle Meet, this is how we ended up.  Read more…

  • IMG_4300Hi Blue, I'm Alfie!
  • IMG_4297
  • IMG_4293
  • IMG_4291Johnny! Your mummy said you're an incessant barker!
  • IMG_4288Posers!
  • IMG_4287I'm Teddy and I'm the smallest!
  • IMG_4251Hebe says I'd rather be held
  • IMG_4284Alfie is wondering why his human sister is holding Teddy
  • IMG_4281
  • IMG_4278
  • IMG_4243Treats?
  • IMG_4255
  • IMG_4253Vivian and Johnny in matching colours
  • IMG_4249We know you have treats
  • IMG_4241
  • IMG_4240
  • IMG_4235
  • IMG_4223
  • IMG_4221
  • IMG_4219Here comes Buddy!
  • IMG_4215
  • IMG_4213
  • IMG_4212
  • IMG_4211
  • IMG_4209
  • IMG_4200
  • IMG_4199
  • IMG_4194
  • IMG_4190
  • IMG_4186
  • IMG_4184
  • IMG_4170
  • IMG_4167I'd rather be squirrelling
  • IMG_4165Quite a few gingers
  • IMG_4159Here comes Chewy!
  • IMG_4156Fun police is on her way
  • IMG_4151They had the best fun!
  • IMG_4132
  • IMG_4149Chewy and Jasper
  • IMG_4145Best mates
  • IMG_4125
  • IMG_4131
  • IMG_4140
  • IMG_4134A welcoming committee
  • IMG_4120
  • IMG_4118
  • IMG_4144
  • IMG_4157

Happy Fourth Anniversary!

It threatened to rain yesterday morning – the day of our first Hyde Park Meet of 2017!!! But it wasn’t  stopping 24 pooches from meeting up for a runaround. Read more…

We are family

Chinese New Year is one of the most significant and important festivals in the Chinese calendar.

Read more…

Cock-a-doodle do! It’s Year of the Yin Rooster!

It’s Chinese New Year and we wish you “Kung Hei Fat Choy” which translates into “Wishing you great prosperity” – a greeting that is said to each other during the 15 days of celebration.

Read more…