A trip to the Yorkshire Dales for birthday celebrations!

Once upon a time, Mummy used to throw me birthday parties. The last time was two years ago when I turned three  …IMG_7280-580x386Front Row (L-R): Phoenix, Darcy, Muffin, Rocko   Back Row (L-R): Dash, Rusty, Lucca, Rosie, Lola

We haven’t done so since for reasons such as – we haven’t found a place to have a party for 10+ doggy friends.  It might have been alright if we had a big garden and we could have the party outdoors.

And fortunately, Mummy became enlightened.  She realised that for me, a party with lots of dogs mean they all want a piece of MY birthday cake.  While there’s enough to go around, the whole party becomes the food!  And it’s really stressful.

She had a little think and realised that the best birthday present for me was to be able to run with the wind, chase squirrels and rough tumble with Georgie. So last year she took us to the beach for my birthday.20150225_140100-e1425001350722-580x773We were at Sandbanks and Poppy had come to meet us for a beach run.20150225_144334-580x435 And it was also Miuccia’s first beach experience IMG_5696-580x773-2It was there that we learnt that George is not so keen about water.IMG_6298-580x435He kept to the sand.

IMG_6305-580x435As my birthday is in February, one can never predict the weather this time of year in good ol’ Blighty. We were lucky to have one good day and one very wet day.

This year, Mummy’s romantic notion of the countryside will take us to the Yorkshire Dales for my fifth birthday. So we’re all packed and ready to head to Yorkshire! Heathcliff, here we come!!!

May’s comment: Yorkshire, home to the Bronte sisters, Anne, Emily and Charlotte. The major setting for “Wuthering Heights” and “Jane Eyre“, the characters were set upon the windswept moorland.

One of my all time favourite books by Frances Hodgson Burnett, “The Secret Garden” was the story of Mary, a sickly and nasty child – who after spending time in the Yorkshire countryside became much improved – health wise and attitude.  Yay! Maybe also good for us too.

And how can we forget the comparison of Yorkshire and “The Shire” of J R R Tolkien’s books.  Other literary giants – Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, Caedmon, Laurence Sterne, etc, etc.

Have been meaning to get up to Yorkshire – and have this vision of Darcy, George and Miuccia running freely on the Yorkshire Dales – couldn’t be a better way to spend her birthday.  Will we be wind-swept? Probably. Will we be soaking wet? Hope not! But it’s another adventure.


  1. Jill Keiser

    If you think of travel books as a kind of a literature, Monty Python ‘s Michael Palin is from Yorkshire!

  2. Katie Cole

    Hello, May…Please tell me a little info about the identical white houses..Are they day houses or can they be overnight? They are charming…

  3. Alison Mullett

    Have fun guys! But wrap up warm in the Yorkshire breeze! Xx

  4. Barbara Kingston

    Hope you have a great stay here in “God’s own country”. It’s a very beautiful part of the world full of friendly, though sometimes wacky, people and lots of amazing places to visit. Weather has been lovely now for several days, with sunshine forecast for a few more. Eddie says “Happy Woofday, Miss Darcy”. Enjoy yourselves, maybe next time you visit Yorkshire we can arrange a meet.

  5. Sandra Stinson

    I am envious, Yorkshire is my favourite get away from it all place. I go every year for a five day walking break. Will be really interested to hear of where you are staying. Happy Birthday to Darcy and love to you all. Sandra x

  6. Carole

    I agree with Barbara, Yorkshire is a wonderful place to visit and yes the people are so friendly and wacky !!!
    Hope you have a wonderful time up north and a great birthday, Love Dexter from Leeds xx

  7. Margaret Danks

    Happy birthday darling Miss D. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  8. Really bad timing not to be there to see you! My Scotish adventure continues and today I’m photographing a pack of 11 rescue dogs – huskies a shepard and even a big old boy from Afghanistan. It’s a whole different ball game! Xx

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