A brief encounter and another goodbye

Good morning Luxembourg!  Now we see what Place d’Armes looks like in daylight.img_7755img_7759 But what’s this?img_7752 And another one?img_7756 And they all seem to be going into our hotel – including these other strange “feet”img_7757Maybe it’s telling us it’s time for breakfast after our short walk around the block.img_7761Mummy is always very pleased when the waiters offer me water every single time.img_7767At’s because she never takes it for granted that I am allowed into places and even more when they acknowledge my presence so positively. 🙂

Another of Mummy’s friend, Yoon-Shin joined us at breakfast. img_7773 Sorry for yawning. It’s just that we got up too early again.img_7774After a quick visit it was time to leave – so back to the station.  This time in a taxi that was ordered by the hotel and the driver was informed that I am one of the passengers.
img_7777 At the station there was a security dog and before I could see it, Mummy lifted me up to sit on her lap and kept telling me it was ok and there’s no need to be frightened of the GS!!!img_7778I couldn’t stop staring at it the whole time.  I was making sure he wasn’t coming our way.  But our train arrived and we boarded it.  I decided today I am just going to hide under the seat and have a nap. One, because we got up early and two, I am a bit tired of all this travelling.img_7779 But I eventually emerged from down under and asked to sit on Mummy’s lap.img_7783So where are going to next?

May’s comment: Last year I accidentally ran into Yoon-Shin, an ex-colleague at De Beers, on the streets of London. I had not seen her since, gosh, 1997? And she was only visiting. I learnt she was living in Luxembourg and thanks to Facebook, we reconnected and managed to meet up for a quick catch-up!

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  1. Sian Widner

    Darcy looks so pretty!! Sounds like a great adventure!

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