A cuppa, George?

Well, last night was interesting.

We’re in need of some sustenance after all that – camping out on a London square.Yes, it was a bit cold and not so comfy, but I got to snuggle up next to Mummy on her coat while she was zipped up in her sleeping bag. But George went to stay with Barnaby’s dad because he can be unpredictable with his barking – didn’t want to wake up the whole neighbourhood – literally.

But we’re now both home – so appreciative of our bed, sleeping on the duvet, on the pillow next to Mummy.

Mummy couldn’t wait to take a warm shower and change into comfy clothes.  And after a nap, making a cup of tea and sharing the experience over a cuppa – using our very own mugsOne of me, and one of George –Yes, George, I think we need some cream tea with scones.

Do you think we should get Mum her own mug too?

May’s comment: Appreciating our home and all the little comforts we enjoy on a daily basis. Took time for a cup of tea, using our special new mugs. Let’s say it was a matter of time before I had personalised mugs with Darcy and George on it! LOL!

I supplied the photos to A Few Home Truths and they did everything else.

Peture Perfect is a “pet” subscription box offer but unlike most of the ones we’ve come across which are mainly toys and treats for the pet, this one is for pet owners.  That’s why I liked it!!! LOL! We deserve our “treats” too!

This is the story of how Peture Perfect by A Few Home Truths came about:

Bramley, the cocker spaniel who is the inspiration behind everything we do.  And he chooses what goes into your subscription boxHe came to live with us at 8 weeks old in November 2017. Whoosh!!! What a learning curve that has been juggling life with a puppy and running a small, creative business!

We wouldn’t have it any other way and, although Bramley is currently draped across my laptop as I type(!), he has undoubtedly opened our eyes to the wonderful world of pets.

Absolutely everything is designed in-house by us and often modelled by Bramley himself who is trying to learn to smile for the camera.

Pet Photo Subscription Box : https://www.afewhometruths.co.uk/collections/pet-gifts/products/pawsome-dog-photo-subscription-box

Pet Illustration Subscription Box : https://www.afewhometruths.co.uk/collections/pet-gifts/products/peture-perfect-dog-illustration-subscription-box

Individual Photo Mug : https://www.afewhometruths.co.uk/products/pet-personalised-mug-photo-upload

The pet gift section : https://www.afewhometruths.co.uk/collections/pet-gifts

Make a good gift for dog crazy friends and of course dog crazy owners – like moi!


  1. Sian

    Oh my…Bramley looks just like Pippa!!! Love the mugs!!

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