A busy human day

Darcy gets to go with the dog walker most days and I get to spend a lot of the summer days with Mummy. I guess I am grateful for our bonding time.  Might be because of the House of Mutt report which said – I needed to know I belong.

Actually I am quite torn – to go with Darcy for a walk or spending time with Mummy. To be honest, it’s not a dog’s day when I run around doing human things.

Instead in the mornings we walk Little Tyke to Summer Camp.IMG_3227After leaving him, we had a moment in the park next to St. Luke’s Church – but it’s not a park that we can run freely so I sat with Mummy and looked at the tempting pigeons that I could be chasing.IMG_3148 We walked over to the NatWest bank on King’s Road – they welcome dogs. They even have bowls of water and treats for us.IMG_3150Some replenishment for Mummy at Juice Baby …
IMG_3173 And we run into Millie who is another regular.IMG_3175We love playing together and I even got a kiss from her.IMG_3177Then some shopping  …IMG_3157which is yawningly boring.

And even more shopping …IMG_3265 Humans have a lot of things to do which does not interest us but we’re just happy to tag along because we want to be with Mummy.IMG_3266Mummy even took me to Little Tyke’s performance at the end of Summer Camp week. I sat and watched them sing and dance.IMG_3224Well, it was an eventful day and spending time with Mummy is ok, but what I would like most is going to the park with Mummy, Darcy and Jaffa! That’s the best.IMG_3339At day’s end I am exhausted – and I must add, I am feeling ok now.

May’s comment: Busy summer days.  Running Sasha off to camp, new project taking place, and hot, hot weather means trying to juggle everything without breaking into a sweat. Not happening.

Can’t believe it was a week ago when I was in hot and humid Charleston – meeting up with old classmates.

George is ok – no vet visits required. All systems go – good appetite, solid poos, no getting sick and back to his alert self.


  1. Laura Cordovano

    I loved his smile back at you at the water bowl. Good bonding💕

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Sooo glad your feeling better Georgie!

  3. Margaret Danks

    So glad your feeling better Georgie

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