A lot of “gods” around

Yesterday we met up with Freya who is Mummy’s goddaughter.  And in turn she is MY godmother!

Freya and her family live in Washington D.C. – they’re back for the summer.
They brought us toys – this “Chanel handbag” was supposed to be mine but George has taken a liking for it. 😉

IMG_8639Just two nights ago, we had met Edgar aka GIANT TYKE – Mummy’s godson from Düsseldorf.IMG_8556

And of course just this past week, Little Tyke and his family arrived. He is also Mummy’s godson.IMG_8355_2Guess it’s a week of “god mothering” –

George met them all for the first time.
IMG_8445And he passed the “cuteness” test.

May’s comment: I’ve forgotten how recently I’ve had George – still so many first time meets.

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