A rainy Sunday in Provence

We woke up in the morning and ran excitedly out the door into the garden for our morning business.

Whoa! Rain?  We all immediately ran back towards the house.

Can we come back in?It kept raining all day – on and off.  Whenever it stopped, we took the opportunity to go out to play.IMG_2879But most of the day we played indoors instead – me and Georgie
IMG_2885 Tati and Georgie …IMG_2890and after we were tired of playing, we napped …
IMG_2871I took Tati’s bed …IMG_2902 But George was in no mood to lie around and do nothing, so he would come and bother me.IMG_2905Or demanded to sit on Mummy’s lap to see what she was writing about us.IMG_2901And then fell asleep on her lap.IMG_2911It was a nothing kind of day, says Tati. IMG_2899So we did things like taking selfies.

IMG_2898And spoke to Beate on Skype.Darcy talking to Beate on Skype 19/4/15Oh well, I guess we can’t have sunshine every day.

May’s comment: A rainy Sunday meant we could sit still for a while after two busy days running around doing things.   But the dogs do get bored.

Tory, now the country girl that she is takes Tati and Darcy out for a walk while Georgie and the city girl, moi, stayed in the comfort of home. 🙂  And George wondering why he did not get to go with the others.IMG_2893

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