A Together Day to make up, well almost

Today, we had Mummy all to ourselves – well almost.

After feeling sad for letting the situation get the better of her on Friday, she decided that we were not going to Hampstead with her on Saturday. Instead, she called in Joanna and Dawid to take us to the park – on the most beautiful day of the year – so far, Mummy was at work while we had fun and we returned home to rest before she came home later I. the day. I think it worked out well for all.

But today is Sunday and Mummy made sure we had time together. We woke up later than usual, just taking things easy. After her regular breakfast at Juice Baby, we went to the park.  Once off leash, we ran and we ran and ran.  After awhile, she decided to put George back on the leash – there was no need for unnecessary incidents today. LOL! Mummy knows by now that there’s a threshold when George goes feral again! And she was either not in the mood or she can now second guess him.

We walked over to the Round Pond to look at the sailboats and the angry swans! They don’t like us too much. They would hiss if we got any closer but we were so not bothered by these “angry birds” …

Mummy decided we should do something nice today – and at a whim decided to have Afternoon Tea at The Milestone Hotel – across the street from Kensington Palace – (because she really needed to use the toilet).

The Concierge looked after us while she went about doing her business and we were only too excited to see her agin – albeit five minutes later.So what did we get at the table? Half a scone between me and George.Our day together continued and we moved from the park to Duke of York Square. We went on to do shopping and pottered around before going home for a quiet night while Mummy’s off to din-dins – sans pooches!

May’s comment: After a not-so-nice Friday, I wasn’t going to repeat the situation. I had to work all day Saturday and left them with my dog walkers, Joanna and Dawid – and they definitely had a lot more fun at the park. So I decided, as it’s Sunday and I wasn’t working. we were going to spend time together, telling myself to be mindful of their needs.

It’s not unusual for them to be pottering around with me all day – sometimes we go to places where they love being fussed over, and they always enjoy going to restaurants with me because I am naughty Mummy for giving them food at the table. But when we go shopping, Darcy takes it all in her stride but George gets anxious with different floor surfaces, not sure why.  So I now know to pick him up and not have him stress out.

Friday’s incidences made me realise that I need to look at things from their perspective.  Yes, they have to live along side me and we do things together but I need to watch out for their anxiety factor.  And it’s also fair to do things for them that makes them happy.

I love how they greet me – even only after 3 minutes …their devoted attachment to me, the love they speak with their eyes, their yelps of excitement, the joyful tail wagging – are just some of the many rewards of dog ownership. And with it, the responsibility of understanding them – their fears, their comfort, their needs. Lots of lessons to learn still – seven years on, and I am glad I am on a journey with them.


  1. Margaret Danks

    A nice chilled Sunday with the pooches. Heaven ❤️🐾

  2. Sandra Curran

    What a lovely day I wish there were more places here that are dog friendly

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