There’s always room for another

We know that Mummy would LOVE to have another pooch but she had decided it won’t happen – at least not now. Besides logistics, well, mainly logistics, it also meant that it would be very difficult to have our friends stay over. Our occasional visitors – Charlie, Jaffa and sometimes Lyra or even Marley – it might be a bit crowded.

This past weekend, I was so excited to have Barnaby stay. It was his first time staying with us, and he wasn’t so sure at first. He found comfort sleeping on Mummy’s sneakers!But I think he felt slightly reassured that I was with him. After awhile, he jumped up on the day-bed to lie next to me.This is not where I usually lie, but there was space for two, and I thought he might like to join me.  I am not very generous with my space but as it was Barnaby, I was absolutely ok. I wanted him to feel at home.

Barnaby is the largest of all the other dogs who have stayed with us, so Mummy was eager to see how it works with the walking. No problemo! Because Barnaby is not a puller.  In fact he walks very nicely. It’s that “little ink blot” that likes to dart from place to place to make his mark – and gets us all tangled up.

When are we going to the park? asked BarnabySoon, Mummy answered.

And sure enough we did. We met up with Freddie And our new friend , Elsa the Lhasa Apso!It was Elsa’s first visit to London and she wanted to meet some Londoners. Yup, that’s us ! And Yup! George is not in this pic – again! LOL!

As the hoomans sat around chatting, other doggies came to say hello – like this very friendly chap, Branson.And there was a little Darcy – a cavalier and Bichon cross.It was a lovely day and hanging out with friends old and new in the park on a lovely Saturday afternoon couldn’t be better! Freddie was very chilled and even took a nap. I was on the look out for squirrels. And run off to check out if it was one of those rodents!Every now and then George and I would go charging off when we think we have spotted something. And we get into spats – Elsa looked at us thinking we are definitely city brats!

But Barnaby was feeling a little insecure that his mummy wasn’t around so he stuck by Mummy most of the time.He was on the lookout just in case …C’mon on Barnaby, let’s go home but not before a few more pics.

Relieved to get back home, It was too hot outside for us.

We ate supper together

There was no fighting. I mention that only because Barnaby and George had a go at each other in the park over a bag of treats. George thought he had won the lottery by getting to a bag of doggy treats. But soon, the others were swarming around him trying to get their share.

As you know, George is very protective of his food. He’s a lot better now with me but his old Street Dog self emerges when he thinks someone is trying to get to his food. Soon after that video, Barnaby approached George nosing at the treat bag. George gave him a good telling off. Now Barnaby wasn’t having any of it and had a go at George. George, unfortunately doesn’t know his size and started a fight – and they had a big row until we could pull them apart. But something interesting happened. George so far in “our world” has been “successful” in warding off others – and he had never been told off, except by me when I don’t tolerate him being bossy. But its me and it’s just a brother- sister spat. So when BIG Barnaby gave him back what he gave, George’s bark turned into a high-pitched frightened and angry yelp. He knew he was no match for Barnaby but he was also fighting for his food.

But all’s well. No one was hurt and everything was soon forgiven. You see, we’re dogs and we forget things and live in the moment, well almost. , well, almost. For the rest of the day, George didn’t dare walk past Barnaby where he laid. I think George learnt a lesson – let’s hope he applies it to other dogs.

Barnaby soon settled into our routine and he even started playing with our toys –

Again, this is not something I take lightly. I’m usually the fun police and wouldn’t let anyone play with the basket of toys that I never even play with. But if it made Barnaby happy – he can have any toy he wanted. Except for my Teddy.

Sleeping was not straightforward. On the first night, Barnaby slept by himself in the study. On the second night, despite all the coaxing, he started off sleep just outside the bedroom door. When Mummy awoke in the middle of the night, she saw that Barnaby had moved inside the bedroom and was sleeping by the wardrobe. As the sun rises early these days, Mummy opened her eyes at about 5am and she didn’t see Barnaby at first, wondered where he had gone until she looked down on the floor right by her bed and he had crept up close and lying right next to the bed. A few minutes later, Mummy got a kiss from Barnaby! And then he jumped up on the bed on the side where I usually lay. I jumped off the bed – giving him his space. And boy! Did he take over! He was feeling very comfortable as he stretched out. And then he went a little further and decided he would sleep on the pillow – next to Mummy, snuggling up to her – taking over my space. It’s alright. It’s Barnaby. He’s allowed. I jumped up and snuggled up on the other side.

There’s always room for another.

May’s comment: Waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning with Barnaby to my left, Darcy on my rightAnd George by my feet.I’m in Heaven!

Barnaby, you were an excellent house guest and you can come and stay any time.

Photo credits: Park photos from Paws for Thought and Freddie Posing Cockapoo


  1. Julie James

    Thank you so so much for looking after Barnaby! He had a wonderful time and you should feel very honoured that he snuggled up in bed with you! He adores you May! He and Darcy are just so sweet together. Let’s see how he and George get on and if George understands he’s the little dog in the relationship now! Xxx

  2. Nicola

    Good to see you doing the washing up there Miss Darcy!!!

    BTW, is that one of those kick board drawers for your bowls? Fab idea x

  3. Those are really lovely pictures! Especially the ones in the park!

  4. Sheila

    How big is Barnaby? And how big is Darcy? Is Barnaby a labradoodle? They are all so cute! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Boogie’s mom

    Oh Darcy, you are so blessed to have great friends, a little bro and a Mommy who loves loves loves you!

    P.S. It’s the best feeling to wake up with doggies! As Charles Schultz said “Happiness is a warm happy!”

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