A True Story

I’ve been reading about the story of Reagandoodle and his BFF Little Buddy.

And enjoying the lovely photos of them taken by “Dee-Dee.”George, shall we read this together?It’s Reagandoodle’s story and how he came to meet Little Buddy.

Barnaby, who has been staying with us came to see what we were reading Why don’t the both of you sit down and I will read you the story. It’s easier that way.That was such a lovely story about friendship, love and forever-ness.As I fell asleep last night, the world felt like a better place after being reminded that there are a lot of good people and love in this world.  Goodnight Reagan – wherever you are. You and your Little Buddy makes Mummy smile every time she sees your pictures. I have my own Little Tyke too, but we don’t see each other as often.  Your story reminds me of him.

May’s comment:  Reagandoodle is a well-known Instagrammer amongst the canine world. His Instagram is full of delightful photos of an Australian labradoodle and a little boy called Little Buddy – who has captured the hearts of America and the world. They have made the front cover of People Magazine and appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Their recently published book Reagandoodle & Little Buddy is told by Reagan and through the lens of photographer Sandi Swiridoff – Reagan’s mom and grandmother to Little Buddy.  It is not just a story of a boy and a dog, but a story of love and friendship, fostering and adoption.  We have followed their Instagram pictures – always putting a smile on our faces seeing the love and connection of the two of them … and then Baby Girl arrives.

The book tells the background story of the meeting of these two and a family that so generously takes in foster children. Through the process they found their own family.

People and pets come into our lives for various reasons – some stay for a while and leave but others are forever. I read lots of doggy books – many make me cry because they all tug at the heart-strings of pet owners.  But this story touched me in a way that is very relatable. I have my own Little Tyke and Darcy – and they both came into my life the same week back in 2011.  Who knew how they would both change my life – in small but impactful ways.

Little Tyke came about in “unfortunate circumstances” and Darcy came about because of “selfish reasons” driven by ulterior motives – but in the end, the Universe knew better and allowed them to happen. And I thank the wisdom of the Universe, God, the Greater Being for creating our own little Trio. From the start, they brought out in me – deeper feelings and emotions than I have ever felt.  A quote in Reagan’s book says just that:

Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact in your life you can barely remember what life was like without them. – Anna Taylor

Little Tyke and Darcy do not get to see each other every week, like Reagan and Little Buddy, as we live continents apart. But once a year when they get together, Darcy is always happy to see Little Tyke no matter how long they haven’t seen each other.  And though Little Tyke, now 8, has his own dog, Lucky – he still asks about Darcy whenever we speak.  In some way, they both know how much they mean to me as a twosome. The twosome that changed my life. Together, I hope, we will always journey along life’s paths no matter where it takes us all.

And if anyone wants to know – their bathrobes are from My 1st Years – we have an extra one for visitors!



  1. Cheryl

    I love Reagan and Little Buddy, I have the book, too.
    I’m waiting for a book from Darcy about all her adventures!

  2. Anne McCormack

    Lovely photgraphs. I wish my Ben would sit so still.

  3. Sian

    The pictures with the bathrobes are the best dog photos ever!!! They make me smile!!!

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