24 days till Christmas!

It’s the first day of Advent Calendars! The countdown has begun!

This guarantees at least one treat per day for the next twenty-four days!img_0519Mummy filled these little drawers with treats for us. She actually had bought this for Little Tyke three years ago and have since then been using it for us. I can smell the treats inside.

George, have a sniff!img_0522George: How do you open those drawers?img_0523Do you think if we topple it, the treats will all fall out of the drawers?

May’s comment: And this is MY Advent Calendar – from my lovely friends, Ulli and Manuela from Düsseldorf! img_0518


  1. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    Yay – Mummy just helped me open the draw on my calendar today – I found a meaty treat; I’m sure you both had lovely treat too. What happens in 10 days though, when it’s my birthday – do you thing a cake can be squeezed in or do I get to open the rest of the drawers?? LOL!! Like your thinking George on the steps to make you taller!

    • Miss Darcy

      No, you get the treats and you get the cake and pressies and hugs and kisses on top of it all!:)

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