Reserved – just for us

It’s time again for a very British tradition – Afternoon Tea. We met Hebe and Jane at the Egerton House HotelA table was reserved for usAnd we had our own Doggy Afternoon Tea menuWe each had a bowl of water and a toyAfter the lady serving us brought us our water, and showed us our afternoon tea, We had to share one portion of Afternoon Tea serving amongst us – chicken and beef meatloaf, homemade biscuits  and doggy ice-cream Yes, I would like some …

She thought we wouldn’t eat our supper otherwise. What on earth was she thinking?!?!?! We can eat all that and eat our supper – no problem!

We think she was speaking for herself!The staff kept coming over to say hello to us.And the guests at the next table – They couldn’t get enough if us!Obviously dog loversGeorge in particularHe was his usual charm offensive

After all that attention, he needed a rest.

But it got interesting again when Afternoon Tea arrived at the next table!  We were listening intently to what was presented on their plates!We like Afternoon Tea even more now. Thank you Egerton House Hotel for making us feel so welcome. And we even got to take home the toys they left for us!
Now how did they know we have bananas and carrots with our minced meat?!?!?! They seem to know everything about us!

May’s comment: We’ve had Afternoon Tea at Egerton House Hotel many times before but this was the first time we were served a Doggy Afternoon Tea.

We have been to so many dog-friendly places but they have really gone out of their way to welcome dogs. Enjoy a lovely afternoon with your pooches in their welcoming drawing room.


But do call in advance to let them know your pooch will be joining you.

Red Carnation Hotels is a dog-friendly group and we’ve had many pleasant experiences with them.


  1. Cheryl

    How fabulous!! I might have to go there just to get my dog fix next time we’re in London!

  2. Daniel Hall

    That is so great. Would never happen unfortunately here in New York City.

  3. Julie

    I hope more of these doggy friendly places pop up. We have pubs who do but restaurants arw usually no go areas 😊😊

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