All better now!

Just thought to let you all know that we are all better again!

But still no walkies for George because we don’t want him spreading his germs to another pooch.  We thought Jaffa was all fine and then George picked up her bug. So he spent the day with Mummy while I went on my walkies.

Mummy will never again complain about picking up our solid poos and she will also never allow us to chew on other pooches old bones. And need to make an appointment for George to have his kennel cough inoculation.

May’s comment: Not quite sure where to begin … the two days of worry and feeling so bad for them when you can visibly see they were both uncomfortable.  Darcy had her prescription of antibiotics but George just has to get through the symptoms.

Though it was not a very strong strain, poor little George, for the whole of Friday, he cackled and sneezed and sicked – saliva and froth and some phlegm. He couldn’t even rest for a moment. He was so tired from all the coughing and sneezing that he tried to rest. As soon as he laid his head down, the coughing started again and he was up getting sick. I watched him all day and there was nothing I could do. 🙁

He also knew his getting sick was “not cool” as he watched me clean up after each time. But what was amazing in all of that was he kept the sick sesssions in the office where there were only wooden floor boards.
He couldn’t even get down the stairs when going out for bathroom business without getting sick. Poor baby.

I kept him in the office that first night as I couldn’t have him throwing up all over the bed. He made no complains, he just sat on his bed – knowing we were across the hall from him.  Though he woke me up about five times with his cackling cough, there was no sick on the floor the next morning. The following day he had only just a few coughing sessions and yesterday he was completely fine, but I’m keeping him away from other pooches just in case he passes it on.

As for Darcy, well, she had the inoculation and didn’t get the bug. George never had the inoculation because he hardly went to the House of Mutt. But need to re-think.

Given how bad her tummy was, it was amazing how she held everything in and only when we were out that she let go!  We can still see remnants from that day. Even the rain couldn’t wash it off.  Oops!

She drank a lot more than normal did which the vet told me it was because she was not feeling well in her tummy.  She thought that by drinking it would go away. Instead it would bloat her stomach and make her throw up.  So I had to monitor her drinking.  Otherwise, she was in no way lethargic, just more subdued, and still always greedy for food. She wasn’t that ill! LOL!

Well, happy to say all that is behind us now.  Onwards – Georgie needs an inoculation and no more chewing on others’s bones for Darcy.


  1. Rusty and Martine

    We are glad to hear our furry friends are better. Rusty and I are looking forward to seeing you at the Halloween meet this sunday.

  2. jackie lalwani

    So glad to hear that much of the distress felt by the three of you is over!! Happy that the pooches are recovering Looking forward to the Halloween meet on Sunday (my health and strength permitting) xx Jackie Deepak and Ellie ( who is very worried as Halloween costumes don’t come in PINK!!!)

  3. Frank Gee

    Wonderful x

  4. Nancy Koon

    Glad to hear they’re getting better. Really surprised your groomers don’t require the kennel cough vaccine. When I had my guys, none of the groomers would take them until I showed proof of vaccination of that also, in addition to the basics. Give Georgie a big hug
    for me!!!

  5. Elizabeth Burman

    Pleased to hear you fur babies are on the mend. It’s always heart wrenching when they’re unwell and there is not a lot you can do to relieve their suffering..🐾

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