All I want for Christmas is …

Mum has a rule for Christmas presents.  We get four categories of pressies.  The rule is: 

Something we want, something we need, something to wear and something to read.”

For us, that would be:

Something we want: Treats byBenji Biltong

Something we need: Treats by Beautiful Joe’s 

Something to wear: Cloud7 collapsible treat bag that can be hung around our collars filled with treats!

Something to read: Dogs’ Dinners by Debora Robertson.  We can read recipes for poochies

May’s comment: The second last shopping weekend before Christmas and thought to share these favourite items for stocking stuffers or something for your pooches wrapped up under the tree that I like.  

Something they need” 

I finally found a dog bowl for the long-eared dogs! These beautiful ceramic bowls are handmade by Linda Bloomfield specially for Love My Human. They come in two sizes. This could be a “something they need.”

Something they need? Something to wear?

Hindquarters collar and leads Also found these at Love My Human – cotton leads and collars in strong colours.  This is “something to wear.”

Very comfortable to handle and love the marine-grade steel hardware.

They also inspired us to mix-n-match instead of matching leads and collars.

“Comfy cotton leads and collars that combine looks and practicality. Suitable for a wide range of dogs, everyday use, all weathers and terrains, town or county. Made from a strong cotton weave which is soft-to-the-touch with flex and give. Collars fasten with a simple yet secure slot-and-lock buckle and are adjustable, for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Metalwork is marine grade steel: strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, so even recommended for those who like a trip to the beach. Everything is treble stitched in place to make a strong and durable set. An ideal dog collar and lead set for walks and adventures, just machine wash at 40º when muddy. Dog ID included, just send through details if you’d like them hand engraved.”

This can be bought directly from Hindquarters or Love My Human stocks them.

Something to wear 

Growlees are statement dog tags!  The most fun thing we’ve been given recently.

There’s a whole selection of sayings and statements in all different colours. They are just fun to add to your dog’s collar.  I love these two given to us by Belinda for Christmas.

Mungo & Maud’s MEADOW MERINO DOG PULLOVER comes in two colours – Leaf/Moonstone and Flint/Rose

George looks so smart in the Leaf/Moonstone colour.  He needs to look smart for when he meets up with his many girlfriends.  Made of the finest quality, Merino wool in a waffle-patterned knit. Contrast colour placket & button opening and edging detail
Dry clean only

Teddy Maximus Liberty fabrics bow ties – we have one of each, blue for George and the pink for Darcy.

Our range of handmade British Dog Bow Ties are perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s for a Christmas party, a birthday bash, or to look the part at a wedding, everyone likes to accessorize, and we’ve got the canine accoutrement for your dog to step out in style.  – Teddy Maximus

Oh, and size doesn’t matter…our bow ties attach easily to your dog’s collar so will look dapper on a Dachshund or dainty on a Great Dane. There’s a style to suit every pooch!” – and that’s correct as Darcy and George both wear the same size.

Something they want

Mungo and Maud’s Pull My Leg Elephant Toy  Finally a toy your dog is meant to deconstruct. The Mungo & Maud “Pull My Leg” Elephant Dog Toy with Velcro-attached limbs is the perfect way for any dog to make a paw mark. Squeaks when squeezed. 

We already have the Pull My Leg Monkey dog toy – one of George’s favourite. He would pull off its arms and legs again and again. Thought it would be fun to see him have an alternative. 

And some ideas for stocking stuffers.  Lots of treat ideas … definitely something they want!

bybenji biltong treats – tasty treats that have been uniquely adapted from the human delicacy, which is not pet appropriate and created a high value, raw / paleotreat collection. Each product is lovingly handcrafted from nothing but pure Silverside of Beef, marinated in herbs for an intense flavour, hung to naturally air cure

The Furry Chef The Furry Chef is a fully organic certified company based here in London; we specialise in delicious organic treats for dogs which are always naturally gluten, dairy & egg free. To celebrate our first Christmas on the market, we have cooked up our Poultry in a Pear Tree turkey biscuit- a real Christmas feast in treat form! Always true to our original promise, these biscuits are made with 100% organic ingredients, notably pure British-reared, organic, free-range turkey. So save the table scraps this year- we’ve got you covered.”

Rockster treats Christmas Limited Edition BOEUF DU CAP SUPER TREATS.  Scientifically formulated to promote eyesight and a healthy immune system.

“Single protein air-dried complementary food for dogs made with 82% human grade bio-organic beef, free from any exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. Enhanced with a specific formulation of nutrient rich bio-organic superfoods, including quinoa, pumpkin, spirulina algae and fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate to aid digestion and nutrient absorption. The multiple benefits of spirulina algae, quinoa and foods rich in beta-carotene include a healthy immune system and being beneficial for eyesight.”

And last but not least – something for hooman and pooch – a must have, the FURBO dog camera!  (This is a product placement.)

We’ve had it for awhile now.  How fun was that? Darcy was mesmerised by the treat dispenser

while I was obsessed with watching what they were doing whenever I left them at home.  Most of the time they don’t do anything but it was fun for me to interact with them by dispensing treats – even if it was just to wake them up form sleeping! LOL!

They are brilliant in distracting dogs when they should start getting barky in the house. 

For this Christmas, there’s a special offer on the FURBO dog camera till the 21st December on Amazon on click on here to buy one

We are giving one away to our readers in the UK and EUROPE. If you are interested – comment on the blog to tell us what you think your pooch might get up to when you leave them at home. And if you have no idea – then you need a FURBO dog camera! LOL!   Winner will be announced by Sunday, 16th December – so you can get it in time for Christmas.


  1. Jennifer Garibay

    I definitely have no idea what Buxton gets up to when I’m not around! He used to be quite the trouble maker when I left.

  2. Debbie Jennings

    I have no idea what my two do! I would like to think they sit nicely together On the floor keeping each company! In reality I think they are little hooligans spending time having pillow and cushion fights and stealing socks!

  3. Jennie Luke

    When we come home we always see the side of the curtain open that’s normally pulled back… we can imagine Archie spying on his neighbours. There’s also a few new pups on our road so we can imagine Archie is going to the window and telling all his dog friends we are out so he can have a pawty and then he manages to clean up just in time…. it will explain where all the treats are going!

  4. Emma

    I’m pretty sure Aoife spends her time sitting on the windowsill, willing us to come home soon. She barks and howls non-stop if she can’t look out the window. Would love a camera to check on her and a treat dispenser to distract her when she gets upset x

  5. Martine davis

    I think rusty has a party and raids the drink cabinet. Smokes and jumps up and down on the sofa.

  6. Lin Ponchaud

    Thank you for your gift ideas. I’m sure Archie would like them all
    I would like to think that Archie relaxed and chilled all the time when I left him, which I know he does majority of the time, but he does like to say hello to everyone who walks past the window. So to have the opportunity to see him when I have to leave him would be fabulous. Xx

  7. Sophie Bradley

    Hi All,
    Well I can tell you what I get up to. I usually have a few pieces of By Benji Biltong Dog Treats and then a little drink of water.
    Then I keep guard by looking out the window at all the passers by. A lot of them know me and wave as they go by. I never bark I politely give them the Amber glare if I do not appreciate their look. Enough to frighten any ant or the likes.
    Sometimes I venture onto my hoomans bed and snuggle up on top of their pillows and then pretend I have not been there, only to be found out by the little dentmarks left as evidence. I must remember to fluff the pillows next time.
    Being on my own is fine, but having read how Darcy liked the Furbo, I think it would be great fun to watch and wait and be woken up by treats being dispensed. It would also give my Sophie peace of mind which is very important to me. A great way to continue to look after her on a daily basis, afterall that’s what us dogs do for our hoomans.
    Merry Christmas to you all.
    All My Love as Always.

  8. Natalie

    I think Oscar may just sleep when we are not around…. or goes he dance to the calming sound of love songs via the radio. Who knows 🤔 a furbo camera could provide the answers 😉
    Ps as always great post. Merry Christmas May, Darcy and George from Nat & Oscar X

  9. Hannah Randall

    I think the Two London Poos are little tinkers when we are not at home. We try not to leave them for too long, but they definitely get up to mischief! We think they definitely play together, nibble on their Kongs, take a snooze and bark along to the radio… it would be very entertaining to watch!!

  10. Danielle

    I think Reg has a nibble on my oven gloves and chases his ball around until his heart is content ❤️

    Lovely blog!! 🐶

  11. Liz

    Hello Darcy, it’s Murphy here, Mummy thinks we get up to mischief when she goes out…she is right. We take turns to watch out the window. Our favourite time is when the postman comes. We bark and bark and love to grab the letters so Mummy has spoilt our fun by putting in a letter box guard. We thought she would be happy with the chewed concert tickets! Then Teddy goes collecting anything he can find ( Mummy calls him Teddy Womble cos he’s always picking up things) and he puts it all in his basket. shoes, socks anything he knows he shouldn’t have. I go into Dog Police mode and barks to let everyone know Teddy has naughty things in his bed. We then wait for Mummy to come home…we both get a bit worried as we didn’t always live with Mummy and we want her to come back. We would like this camera thingy as then we can hear her talk to us and give us treats and that would make us very happy. I am a little black cockapoo just like George and a bit barky too. Teddy is just like you but a boy and very cuddly. We love your blog as Mummy reads it to us!

  12. Margaret Danks

    Hello my gorgeous bundles of fluffiness. I know exactly what Maggiedog gets up to whilst I’m out. She and her co- conspirator Mr Bojangles, her 16 year old cat brother. Boogie on down to the country music channel Alexa plays for them. Then when they are all boogied out, they have a drink and a snooze, a nose out the window, bark at passers by, another boogie and another sleep. Then they greet me with a look that says, awwww mum, we’ve been sooo bored.

  13. Jennie Luke

    We have just ordered the “pull my leg” toy. Such a great idea! We are going to see Archie’s 2 fur uncles and 2 fur cousins on Christmas Day as well who love pulling limbs off toys so we will get one for them also 🙂

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