A O.K.!

Annual health check up – happy to report – all OK! There was a lot of scanning, poking, pinching and scraping

IMG_6512 IMG_6511 IMG_6514 IMG_6517 IMG_6522 IMG_6524but I know the drill and the deal – TREATS at the end!

IMG_6518 IMG_6519

And I weighed a healthy 9.80kg! Mummy’s super pleased.IMG_6508Your turn, Mummy? 🙂IMG_6510

May’s comment: Darcy has never been afraid of the vet. She waits for her turn – checking out the other patients, growling at them, being territorial.  When they call her name, she jumps off the seat and runs into the consultation room.IMG_6532

She goes right onto the scales – she thinks she gets a treat when she does that.

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