And I tagged along for the party

It was Darcy’s birthday trip but I got to tag along!

IMG_3146On the first day we were there, I got to roll in the remaining snow on the ground – that was fun!

As I always do, I provided entertainment and annoyance for Darcy – if not life would be a bit boring for Miss D.

Together we played up to the other guests – all dog owners missing their dogs and giving us treats which they could not resist. LOL!IMG_3317And then when we were out on the Dales for Darcy’s birthday walk, we chased a rabbit. When Darcy couldn’t get through the wire fence, I ran after it – down a steep hill and saw it disappear towards the river. Well, that was kind of fun.  And I discovered a whole new territory to check out.

I could hear Mummy calling my name but I wanted to have a look around. I wanted to do my thing. I could tell from her voice she was highly agitated with me. She finally made her way down the steep hill to get me.  I did my “catch-me-if-you-can” for a while.  Then I allowed her to catch me.  She grabbed my Equafleece and held onto me like that till we went up the hill.  She was MAD!!!

Mummy’s friend, Jacqui asked her what she would have done if I didn’t come back. Mummy said – guess he would end up with a new owner.  She was THAT mad!  But I know she didn’t mean it. If it started to get dark and I wasn’t cooperating, she might have to leave me out there but she would be very, very worried because who knows what could have eaten me in the night. IMG_3220We saw evidence of this all along the way – bones and feathers strewn all over!!!

So I was on the leash the rest of the walk. Guess I lost her trust. IMG_3226I don’t know why but I have this urge to run and chase things. Someone mentioned to Mummy that it’s the terrier in me and that she shouldn’t ever trust me to go off the lead. But that’s not fair. Before the switch flipped, I was running and coming back – again and again.IMG_3190 IMG_3172I know I upset Mummy but I couldn’t help it. Maybe it is the terrier in me after all.

But all’s forgotten each time we cuddle up at night. That’s one good thing Mummy had learnt from us. She forgets once I give her the doe-eyed look.IMG_3364It was a lovely trip and we loved where we were staying – they were very welcoming.
IMG_3293May’s comment: He had his GPS tracker on but there was no GPS signal.  Because he was wearing his fuchsia Equafleece it helped to keep him in my sight. I did put a jingle bell on him so I could hear him even at a distance to locate him. Next time I’ll also make sure his LED light is on in case it starts to get dark! I hope it never comes to me having to make a decision to leave him behind because it was getting dark. I would call out a search party – torchlights and all walking through the Dales!

To be fair, he was amazing 90% of the time. He ran ahead and far but came back every time. His recall was amazing and then a switch flipped and he was trying his luck. He wasn’t running away, he just didn’t want to come back. He wanted to do his own thing – hunting, something more interesting.

At these times, I say to Darcy – go get George and she sticks to my side. Darcy had no interest in retrieving him as she didn’t want to leave me. I think she was secretly thinking – let’s leave now. He’s happy doing his stuff, let’s leave him to it! Let’s go back to just you and me. LOL!  Actually, I think she could sense I was stressed out about George so she stayed close by.


  1. Jill Keiser

    I used to have a rat terrier who would go astray and I could send my sweet collie/yellow lab to nose her all the way back home. They have both passed and I miss them greatly.

  2. Cheryl

    Georgie, Georgie, Georgie, you need to listen. Perhaps Mummy could find a doggie school to help you learn to listen and come when you are called. You have no idea how frightened we humans get when are pups don’t come back when they are called.
    I am glad you had a grand time and listened most of the time. And you are right, your sweet little face is just too darn cute!

  3. Margaret Danks

    Oh Georgous, you naughty pup. Do you know how worried mummy gets when you ” do your thing” when Maggiedog does ” her thing” I stay were I am and whistle for her till she comes back. When she can no longer see or hear me, she makes her way back to where she left me.

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