And the Golden Globe goes to …


I know he wasn’t nominated ever but he’s my favourite movie star of all times! Wasn’t he just amazing in The Artist!


Yeah, there were others – Lassie, Marley, Lady and The Tramp, The Dalmatians, etc, etc, etc – but Uggie – he really acted! Boy! Did he put a tear in the human’s eyes? They cheered for him when he saved his master.

But last night, at the Golden Globes, there were no canines.  We did stay up to watch it – and Mummy is a bit bleary eyed this morning! And I didn’t sleep very well either!

photo-169Can we go to sleep now?


May’s comment: One of the funny lines – “George Clooney would rather float away in space and die then spend another moment with a woman his age.”


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