Our Tree Ornaments

We started with one ornament on our humble little Christmas Tree. It was one of a dog that Aunty Jane gave us. She said it reminded her of me.

When Aunty Sylvia came to visit she brought us two more …

IMG_8471 IMG_8473There’s a theme going on here! And we love it.

And Aunty Catarina told me Swedish dogs have antlers (ha! ha!) – that’s because she couldn’t find a doggy.

IMG_8474But that’s ok – it kept the reindeer from Agnes company.


Well, so far all the ornaments are “mine” until Mummy remembered she has stashed away in a special box – an ornament from a very long time ago. It was made by Rebekah back in 1982 when she was six.  She made it for Mummy who was her au pair. And she had kept it all these years. So along with all the other new ornaments, she has this very special one.


Maybe next year we may need a bigger tree. 🙂


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