Another summer of memories

Even though we are continents apart, we have seen each other every year he and I existed.  We have a special bond in that we both entered my Mummy’s life the same week – back in May 2011.

Mummy fell in love with Little Tyke from the moment she met him.  With me, well, I think she was in shock!  🙂

The difference is because Little Tyke isn’t hers.  He was with her for limited periods. When I entered her life, it was for good – no handing back to anyone!

This was us – the first day we all met on the 16th May, 2011 … guess who taught me how to chew the lead?DSC01772I was eleven weeks old and Little Tyke was 9 months.

We spent quite a bit of time together during my first two months at home.  We were very curious about each other.  He would come and sit in my bed and looked at me.In Darcy's bedAnd I really did not mind sharing my bed.

We were both on all fours then – when there were still baby gates not so much for Little Tyke but for me.DSC02195The next Summer time I saw Little Tyke, he was walking on two feet and I grew bigger too.IMG_4559And we were a team – up to no good!DSC04065-1024x682He came again the next year in September 2013.  I was really happy to see him again.IMG_2768-1024x1024He had grown taller again and also more cheeky!
IMG_7727-1024x768He tried to sit on me and pulled my tail. I told him off in no uncertain terms. Even though he annoyed me I still enjoyed having him around.

It was a good 18 months after that before I saw him again this summer.IMG_8084Little Tyke is growing up and the next time I see him, he will be even taller.  Soon we will have to stop calling him Little Tyke.

It was a summer of activities and time has flown by quickly. But in the time we had together, I think we have further bonded.  IMG_0105

P.S. Georgie’s Fan Club – he’s a part of the mix … and Little Tyke makes Georgie happy with belly rubs.IMG_0052I hope it won’t be too long before I see you again, Little Tyke. Take good care.IMG_1522

May’s comment: Sasha and Darcy both came into my life at the same time but for very different reasons.  I can’t love them both enough for what they’ve given me – a new lease of life, to love with every part of me – and to care till my heart breaks.IMG_0092But loving is also letting go. And while the void seems large the first hours since we said goodbye, I know this is what we have to do.

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