Run Free Bailey (A Tribute)

We’ve never met.  We never ran in the parks together.  Neither has Mummy, but your beautiful life and the way you have brought so much joy, delight and love to your Mummy,  touched our hearts.

R.I.P. Bailey.  Enjoy Rainbow Bridge – run after everything, run far, run wide where there’s no fear of motor cars coming or getting lost. Dash through fields of flowers, roll on meadows green and chase butterflies (I wonder if there are squirrels?)  Bark at everything, and woof  to your heart’s content.  We will all meet you there someday. Till then we hope to keep your Mummy entertained and help to heal hers and your Daddy’s broken hearts.  You may be gone but you will never be absent from their hearts.


May’s comment:  We learnt about Bailey from Cockapoo Owners Club. 

He passed away just before last Christmas at a ripe old age of 16 years, he was one of the oldest cockapoos.  Peg shared a video clip and her memories of Bailey.

It was a beautiful story of strong bonds between Bailey and Peg – something we cockapoo owners relate to very well. The painfully quietness of her words as she remembered Bailey echoed so loudly in our hearts and broke them – just like how Bailey broke hers when he left for the Rainbow Bridge.

While one can say 16 years was a long life, it also meant losing 16 years of a beautiful friendship and loyal friend. I know I stopped to think what it will be like to lose my own.

A Tribute To Bailey

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