Best mates go to the vet together

Yesterday, Jaffa and I did not meet up for play. Instead met up to go to the vet together – to give each other support.

Hey Jaffa, are you nervous?

IMG_5117 Don’t worry, Jaffa cakes, I’m with you.IMG_5119 It was my turn first. Mummy told Dr. Luke that I have a little mole-size bump on the side of my neck.IMG_5124 It was difficult to look at through my thick fur.IMG_5122 But there it is! Dr. Luke said it’s a cyst and dogs have cyst. IMG_5123The thing to do is to keep an eye on it to see if it changes colour or size. But for now, I am fine.

Well, almost fine.  I had gained 0.4 kg from my last visit just two months ago. I weighed in at 5.45kg in early September. Yesterday I was at 5.85kg. Mummy exclaimed – that’s a whole roll of Honey’s meat roll!!! Oops!

Dr. Luke tried to make Mummy feel better and explained that most rescue dogs gain weight very easily because apparently we cannot keep away from food, our in-grown behaviour have kept us constantly seeking and eating whenever possible.  And Mummy asked – But how do you explain that about Darcy?!?!?! Ooops!

Next was Jaffa’s turn. He was very quiet and let Dr. Luke check him out.IMG_5125And then he had his booster jabsIMG_5127Hiding his face in Camilla’s coat.

All done, Jaffa, you are good to go and now she’s ready for a Pet Passport!!!IMG_5128 And when we came out of the room, we saw SIX of these little fellas – these two under a pram and four others who went to see Dr. Luke!!!IMG_5129May’s comment: That’s almost a 10% gain in body weight for Georgie! Even though he’s been running around so much and playing with Jaffa.  Diet time!!! I think it’s because I have been feeling so guilty that every time I see him, he gets the extra treats!

Kynance Vet  is at 8 Kynance Mews, London SW7 4QP

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