Blanched George?

Did George turn white?!?!?!

No, this is Marley John.  He is a Yorkie-Bichon Frise that Mummy met only yesterday when she went with Afdera to Battersea Dogs Home.

Afdera is the lady who came to see us and who fell in love with George.  Two days later, she called to ask if Mummy would go with her to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home as they had a dog for her. 

She wanted George and I to go along but Mummy thought it will be too overwhelming for the rescue.  So we stayed behind and waited to see who they will bring home!

May’s comment: How fortuitous! Two days after meeting Afdera, she got a call from Battersea and we went along to meet her little rescue.  When we got to the offices, we were introduced to Marley – a Yorkie-Bichon Frise cross.  I could not believe what I saw!IMG_2035 Tell me that’s not a white version of George!!!!IMG_2045The Battersea team who introduced Marley to Afdera – T.G. and JaneIMG_2046

And Carli whom Marley decided to bond with.IMG_2073 When she went out to gather some things for him to take home, he was pining for her.IMG_2066 And looked at her longingly the whole time. IMG_2024 The good thing – he can stand on his hind legs – so lots of tricks he can do!IMG_2032There’s no doubt in my mind that Marley John has found a home with Afdera. Together they will make it work and Harry Harry will never be forgotten but Marley John will keep Afdera busy enough to take her mind off her pain.

IMG_2060Afdera wanted George and we thought we could try to get a dog his size. We never thought we could get one that looked like him but in white.  IMG_2052They are also similar in personality – he loves people. He’s quite happy in himself! But has a very long tongue, we noticed.IMG_2018

When we took him for a walk – he was ever so friendly with everyone. IMG_2118We even had an offer from someone to take him if it didn’t work out.

Marley John is 18 months old and his family brought him to Battersea as they could not have him any more. His hair is a bit sparse and looked untidy. But with good food and lots of loving, he will in no time be as handsome as George.

When he got home, he looked out of the window, listening to the sounds – wonder what he was thinking.IMG_2113 And interestingly, this is the spot that Harry-Harry loved to sit. All good signs. IMG_2115

I think we have a new member for our growing playgroup. At last a non-poo cross for George! He’s surrounded by poos!




  1. Gill Cowie

    What a lovely ending to the story – but actually I hope it isn’t the ending 🙂 x

  2. Margaret Danks

    I had just finished reading about Afdera wanting George and then I moved onto this post. How lovely,,, it was fate!

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