You ain’t seen nothing yet, Georgie!

Georgie, you and I – we’re off on our own doggy vacation to the House of Mutt.   This is Peter – he is usually the one who comes to pick me up.

IMG_2290And that’s the car he comes in and my usual seat in the back.
IMG_2293 Yes, there are all sorts of interesting smells in this car – many a dog have been in here.IMG_2301 No, Georgie, don’t run away – it’s ok. You’re with me. Mummy’s off on her vacation!IMG_2297 It will be alright – I promise – you will love it there.  Fields to run, woods to run through, puddles and beaches. And a few doggie friends to play with. I am looking forward to seeing my Hector again.IMG_2311

So off we go but guess who gets to go with Mummy on her trip to Dubai?IMG_2254IMPOSTOR!!!

May’s comment: Debated if I should send George to the House of Mutt.

One of the things I had to consider when getting George was the cost implication.  Actually I was looking for reasons not to keep George.

The rational head thought about the expenses, mansion block board approval for having two dogs in flat and logistics of travel.  Definitely more difficult and probably crazy to travel with two dogs especially if I am not driving but on trains, ferries, taxis, etc, etc. And of course the cost of leaving them behind.

The emotional heart debated if I was being fair to Darcy.  She will feel badly that I have included someone else into our relationship. I love the times when it’s just the two of us – I will miss my alone time with her.  All self-projected onto Darcy, of course.

Then along came Praewa and Arsh who became George’s godparents and have been the saviours – they would take George ever so often – which rid me of my guilt of not spending alone time with Darcy. But after my “Darcy and me” time, I started “George and me” time. And each time I did – I realised all the advantages of a dinky dog!

When every concern came back negative – as in no reason not to keep George, a requirement I had stipulated for myself was where would George go when I am not travelling with them.  That would be the biggest cost factor as sending the both of them to House of Mutt on my long trips could be costly.  Kim said she’s happy to take George as she doesn’t like flying and taking off for somewhere. OK, that’s an option. And of course his godparents would love to have him for a few days.  That too was sorted.

Darcy loves the House of Mutt. Whenever she sees me preparing the bag which she goes away with to House of Mutt, she gets so excited and starts pacing, ready to go.  When Peter or Sarah arrives at the door, she is beside her herself with glee.  I used to feel bad – you mean, you’re not sad that I am sending you away? Then someone reminded me that as long as she’s happy, you can travel with a good conscience.  OK then. 🙂

As time drew near for my trip, I started to feel guilty about not letting George enjoy this doggy heaven. After rationalising that this is a relatively short trip I decided to let George go too.

Besides I think it would be really good bonding for the both of them to share an experience together – just the two of them without me.

So let’s see how it goes.



  1. Andrea Marino

    Super cute!

  2. Laura cordovano

    George looks so sad to be leaving you!

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