Enfin! Bonjour Tati the “Perrier”

Tati lives near Carpentras in Provence with Mummy’s friend, Tory.  He’s a “Perrier” not because he’s French but because they think he’s a Poodle crossed with a Terrier or sorts! So he’s a Perrier!!!! 🙂

We arrived at Tati’s home.IMG_2382Of course Georgie goes to say hello, while I am a little unsure.IMG_2366Tati came up to say hello to me!IMG_2383Tati is not much bigger than Georgie really. They seem to have a lot of fun together.IMG_2386IMG_2391 IMG_2392Tati was named after Jacques Tati, a French film producer and actor (of Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday fame). But Tati’s mummy is also funny because she thinks he’s always a bit tatty!

May’s comment: Tati is a rescue from the Isle de la Sorgue SPA (the French RSPCA). He was about 4 years old when Tory found him there.  They don’t know what cross breed he is – except she quite sure he’s got poodle in him and very likely crossed with a terrier. He’s slightly larger than George and the same colouring.

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