Meet Lucky and Polo!

Breaking News! Mummy was on the phone with Mini Tyke for her birthday, when they broke the news …

They have two new pups!!!

Last Thursday, Daddy took the two pups to school to surprise Little Tyke and Mini Tyke.And they were definitely surprised!

Little Tyke seemed like a pro while Mini Tyke was a little apprehensive. But she soon got the hang of it and beamed happily. Meet Polo.Little Tyke, well, he has a way with dogs. Meet Lucky.So from now on, these two little furries will be a part of our lives – though long distance. It just means that Mummy will be off to Ko Samui even more often! Wonder if Impostor will still get to go in hand luggage.

May’s comment: It was a long time coming and it so happened that a friend of theirs had a dog wandering into her home who then gave birth to seven healthy pups. And so their story begins.

They were originally Marco and Polo but they are now Lucky (Sasha’s) and Polo (Skye’s). The vet thinks they are Golden Retrievers – but not 100% sure, as the mum is a street dog. Most dogs on the island wander the streets and then they wander into someone’s home and if they keep going there, they become a part of the household. They still wander the streets during the day and then go home to their “home” for feeding and rest for the night. The mum had been visiting her now new home for awhile and the friend who had been feeding her suddenly found out the mum was pregnant, when lo and behold – seven puppies were born (not sure about this part of the story!) She kept the mum and one puppy – and before long, all the six were taken.

And Aunty May is beside herself with excitement for her next trip in August. There are now four good reasons to visit Ko Samui!!!!  With lots of pressies!!!! Oh my god! Early August cannot come soon enough!!!


  1. Alison Mullett

    How exciting! Looking forward to your updates on their progress!

  2. Sarah Johnson

    How incredibly kind to take in street pups like this.
    But it’s tragic that dogs are wandering the streets uncared for. Not all of them will be so lucky as to meet such a wonderful family. Lucky is well-named.
    Thanks May for reminding us of what a tough life many dogs lead.

  3. Sandra Curran

    Gorgeous little pups who are indeed ‘lucky’ lovely that they are now able to grow up with a lovely little family

  4. Margaret Danks

    Oooh how lovely! Looking forward to regular pupdates. 🐾❤️

  5. Cecilia

    Wish all the stays are as lucky as these two!

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