Thank you to all our friends, readers – dog-lovers!

We reached our target – 2,000,000 + page views – on the eve of Mummy’s birthday! 

It was the best present I could give Mummy for her birthday.

We’re amazed, grateful and encouraged – considering it’s only a blog about me, a regular cockapoo, my pesky little brother plus Mummy, who is sometimes called the crazy “dog lady”.

Thank you to all our friends, our readers – dog-lovers all over the world – for taking the time out of your day to read our stories – and for being a part of our lives. We appreciate your comments and your support. And we hope you will continue to follow us on your journey and many adventures in the coming years. Thank you!

May’s comment: Indeed, Miss D!  You have been my inspiration and we’ve been on this journey together from the start.  If not for you, I wouldn’t have a story to tell.We started writing Miss Darcy’s Adventures in mid-April 2013.  It was when she turned two years old that I felt she had enough “life experiences” to share. And more importantly I felt I was able to take on the world and continue to live my life as I want to – with my dog. It never was meant to achieve targets and numbers – no dreams of being “social media sensations” (which we definitely aren’t), just honest accounts of our personal experiences (no sponsorships, no one pays for our trips nor our POV).  We just wanted to encourage others to come along with us in finding ways to share our daily lives with their dogs.  What pushed me to do so was my “separation anxiety” when I had to leave Darcy behind.

I began finding places I could go with her. I shopped where she was allowed to go and I dined out wherever dogs are welcomed. I found ways to travel with her despite obstacles – and yes, I do push the boundaries, but it was worth it because I brought her into my life and I was going to live it with her in the manner I am used to.

Only yesterday, we received a really lovely comment – and the commentator couldn’t have timed it better. This was how it read:

Your blog is truly wonderful! We are currently sitting having dinner in Locanda Locatelli due to your blog. I have been here before but only knew it was dog friendly because of you. We have taken Digby to Paris before and stayed in the Lacroix hotel which is dog friendly but so basic but we shall try again at St James in the future. We have also been to the basque restaurant in Marylebone because of your blog. So please, despite the odd escape, know that dog owners all over London are having a better life because of you.”

Thank you, Charlotte. That is why we write our blog, and comments like yours made all the many times I’ve poked my head inside a restaurant and asked if dogs are allowed – all worth the while. Sometimes I was nicely surprised and so feel elated. There were many – “No, I’m sorry. We don’t allow dogs.” Why? I would ask. And it was the same ol’ “health and safety” excuse. Oh how annoyed I would get and asked the poor staff if they understood what they had just regurgitated as “company policy” – which made no sense. It would have been more truthful to say – “we don’t understand why you want to bring a dog to the restaurant” or simply “we wish to pander to our clients who don’t like dogs.” I would still have comments to make about that but it would have been more honest and they are entitled to do what they want just like those restauranteurs who choose to let dogs in. 🙂

Things in London have been changing in the last five years. Sometimes we push the boundaries of every day life to help others be aware that dogs can be a part of our daily existence –  when we are responsible humans. There’s also a growing awareness of dogs being very much a part of society. And businesses reckon they can make more money too!

I have always travelled and having a dog wasn’t going to change that part of me – or I would have resented her.  So to make sure I didn’t, we tackled each hurdle as we encountered them. And over the miles and miles we’ve journeyed, I realise I actually prefer to travel with them. Well, maybe Darcy more than George if I am honest.  Every trip we’ve taken is a journey – all the preparations and considerations not to mention extra baggage. How to overcome hurdles, how to find places in foreign lands where we can go to – but isn’t the journey part of the experience of the destination? How fun it is to enjoy the holidays with dogs rather than keep them in kennels. Of course there are certain trips that are not good for them and I don’t encourage going to extremes – only what is good for them.

Certain European countries are definitely more tolerant than the UK, but there are others who are worst. But I think we are moving in the right direction. When in Paris for half a day, walking into shops and eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant that did not limit the number of dogs allowed, we were also turned away by a Patisserie and at least three taxis refused to take us – I noted the difference.  Overall, the Parisians are much more relaxed about dogs in the midst – this has always been a part of their existence from as far back as I could remember.  I, too, remembered the time I was at a well-known restaurant in Paris many, many years ago and saw a dog at the table and was taken aback. I’ve been there before.  Dogs are just a part of the social life – no big fuss.  They don’t have to fight for their rights to be in places because they are largely allowed to be there. And the few places that do not take dogs, it’s their prerogative. In the UK, having our dogs with us are still largely seen as unusual.  In London, it is more acceptable – maybe they tend to be smaller dogs and they love within more confined and crowded spaces – so therefore not unusual for them.

And so we battle on – Eurostar, British Airways in particular and a few other British institutions –  they need to get up to speed with the times.

All that said, THANK YOU from me, Darcy and George for being a part of our lives. We hope you have enjoyed journeying with us and will continue to come along as we keep on living life to the fullest, blogging about our adventures and share our happy as well as sad moments.




  1. Sandy


  2. Maria

    Love reading your blogs they are informative funny sad at times and you open up so many possibilities for us all with surgery children. Thank you . I had an operation at Royal Brompton Kensington in January plus follow up appointment and kept hoping I would see you Darcy and George about. Sadly not

  3. Cheryl

    Congratulations!! What a fabulous birthday gift!
    Your adventures, whether in London or somewhere far afield, always bring a smile to my face!
    Here’s to many more years of wonderful adventures and blog posts!

  4. Cecilia


  5. Ginny

    Congratulations! I am one of many who is inspired by you. Thank you for sharing the wonderful times you enjoy with Darcy and George. Happy happy birthday. 💕

  6. Juliet Prouse

    And Thank you to you, for sharing your experiences and sharing the love you have for your dogs. I, like all your readers I’m sure, love every word and so enjoy your adventures. We got our first cockapoo because of you and the beautiful pictures of Darcy and now with our 2nd poo nearly a year old, we still love every post!💕

  7. Sandra Curran

    How great to read your post Fozzie and me so look forward to reading your adventures, love to the three of you ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Liz Burman

    Congratulations, I love to read your posts. Happy birthday May, enjoy Italy with your pooches. Look forward to reading many many more posts. ❤️❤️🎂

  9. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Wow….that’s a huge achievement….have a wonderful birthday. Geoffs birthday was 20th April and today is our 51st wedding anniversary…and the sun is shining too.🐾🐾🐾🐾💕🌞

  10. Marta

    Happy birthday and congratulations on this incredible milestone.

  11. Marta

    Happy birthday and congratulations on this incredible milestone.

  12. Anne


    Your blog got me through the loss of my beloved cockapoo Maggie this past summer. Watching Darcy’s and George’s antics brought joy to my heart when it was broken. My Maggie was very much like Darcy, kind of aloof with regard to affection, except when she wanted it, lol. I am happy to announce we just recently got our new cockapoo puppy Max, who is now just 12 weeks old and a bundle of joy. He is cuddly and curious and brave and fills up the missing pieces in my heart. Thank you for telling Darcy’s stories and helping me through this painful period.

  13. Maree

    Congradulations what an amazing journey you have been taking us on love your stories and adventures. It helps me take fern and Maya on adventures too. Thank yoy May MissDarcy and George xxxooo

  14. Margaret Danks

    Your stories make my day May. In a world gone mad, it is a bit of escapism. To travel vicariously with you Darcy and George is just wonderful. Keep on truckin

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