Busy, busy, busy … zzzzz!

There were a lot of hoomans to see all last week! First, there was Pete and Pam from Adelaide, Australia – two years since we last saw them!We had to show them the famous Peggy Porschen – Oh look!  They’ve changed their doorway display to pumpkins!

But the inside hadn’t changed at all and Mummy was being predictable again – she had a red velvet cupcake!And Pam had her cuddle with George.The next day, visitors from America!We showed them the park where we go often – starting with the Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine GalleryAt the Summer Pavilion, Mummy asked me to go up this wooden structure … not sure what I was supposed to do so I posed – but she kept asking me to go down, so I did.I wasn’t exactly going to slide down like the kids did.

We walked on and showed them the parrots in the “Parrot Tree” – Well hello, little green camouflaged birdy! No apples for you today?

We were very thirsty by the time we got to The Milestone Hotel for Afternoon Tea.I looked on keenly as the trays of deliciousness arrived.Having a lick of Mummy’s cucumber sandwich!It was great to see Aunty May-Mei – We had something for her to take home to our cousin Molly. We can’t wait till she shows it to her. We hope she’ll like it – more later! But Aunty May-Mei too left.

Before long, the entourage from Düsseldorf arrived.  It was really non-stop all week.

Between George and I – we have met most of the “Dusseldorf-ians” when we visited them in Düsseldorf. And now they are living in our city!As always, George was excited about all visitors and emptied his whole basket of toys to show everyone,While I stared intently at the crisps on the table.Well, that was a lot of people coming and going.  We were happy to see them all and listen to their stories. And when it was all over and the weekend came to an end … it was just us three again.Just us, thinking about all the people in our lives. Thankful for them – each and everyone.

And we thought about Milo. And we thought about Lucca. Thinking about their families and keeping them in our prayers.

May’s comment: My sister took this photo of me lying in bed with my two – that’s how we sleep these days 🙂

It’s a ritual each night. Once I get into bed, Darcy would come and curl up to my left, sometimes right against my chest. I lay my arm over her body and together we fall asleep that way. Little George for some reason loves to just plonk himself at the back of my knees. And there he stays all curled up in a ball. I can reach down and stroke him. I invite him to come up closer but he prefers to be just there. They pretty much stay in position till the alarm goes off.

So grateful I have them. Who would I cuddle up to when everyone has left? Who would I cuddle up to when the nights seem so awfully dark sometimes?

The whole time I was talking and socialising , there was a deep in my heart – I heard the news about Milo but there was no time to weep. And the weekend got sadder as it went along – weighed down with further sad news … 🙁



  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Dear May, sorry to hear it’s been a sad week. It’s the way life is sometimes, but without the sadness how would we know what joy is.😘

  2. Miami Malteses

    So sorry about Milo and all the other sadness. We send you much love all the way across the miles!❤😚

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