A LOT of us at Camber Sands Play Day 2

It was an early rise for a Sunday morning, but Dante and his daddies have organised their second Doodle meet at Camber Sands.  Since we missed our March Hyde Park Meet in London, surely we had to go when Dante calls!

When we got on the train, we quickly took our seats and snoozed.We were tired … and Barnaby was all over me 🙂

Are we there yet?Yes? OK, let’s go!

Dante, James and Frank met us at the station and drove us to Camber Sands. We were early and saw this group of fluffies. Enthusiastically, our hoomans went up to say hello but soon found out they’re not the doodles but Spanish Water Dogs! LOL!  We hurried away …

Never mind, we’ll just play by ourselves till the others arrived.  Soon the first doodle friend appeared. It’s  Scarlet!C’mon Scarlet, this is how George and I play
Let’s go check out the beach.There wasn’t anyone else for awhile and we were wondering if the weather might have been a deterrent for others. But at almost 10.30am sharp, they all appeared from over the dunes! Hooray! They’ve all come!Greetings! Greetings!Greetings!And off we went walkingAnd lots of hoomans with treats
I could smell them all!This is the earnest look for treatsThat very focused look
The look of intensity The tide was back and it left puddles for us to play in – 

Well, some of us
I was avoiding the water … or maybe I knew Mummy would yell at me anyway.And then there was Harley. George was very “jealous” of Harley and Bertie at the last meet. Bertie didn’t make to this meet as he had his big boy op, so that left Harley as George’s main target of “jealousy” …

Warwick couldn’t get enough of Harley either! LOL! – with a running commentary by “embarrassed” hoomans and George!

There must have been at least 30 doodles, possibly 40 – too many to count.By the time we took this photo, some have wandered off and we have lost a few.Like Dante – running off again!

Mummy, how come we don’t get that many poo friends come to our Hyde Park Meet?

May’s comment: If you’re around East Sussex and want to meet up with other doodles, friend Camber Sands Doodle Friends to get in touch with the fast growing community! At the first meet a month ago, there were 11 of us, but yesterday we had almost 40 doodles come to play on the beach – and we had so much fun.

It was definitely worth waking up for. Thank you James, Frank and Dante! Looking forward to the next meet!

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  1. Kathy Shoulders

    That looks like so much fun!

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