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George and 10 Poos

The weather forecast was 100% rain! Read more…

July Doodle Meet – 7/12

What a HOT, HOT July it has been!  Read more…

Getting to know Battersea

We’re usually Kensington Park dogs but urged by our friends, we gave Battersea Park another try … Read more…

A restful place for a quiet weekend walk

After returning home from our travels, we opted for a quiet weekend –  Read more…

A very apricot day – Meet #6

The sun was blazing, but there’s an England game on at midday – Read more…

Mid-Year Meet-up (#6)

We’re half way through the year. Can you believe it? Read more…

Dashingly FUN!

Well, Mummy, I have to tell you something exciting … Read more…

Hello Agnes! Goodbye Mummy?!?!

AGNES!!! It’s been day of surprises.  First there was Victoria … Read more…

It’s been a white March – but we’ll doodle dash the snow away!

It’s been a white March – Read more…

Fluff balls meet-up!

It was a grey Monday morning in Camber Sands – and Barnaby and I have put on our matching red Equafleeces  Read more…

Fancy a doodle meet at Camber Sands?

Oh yeah! Dante, we’ll be there! Read more…

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  • IMG_0508Lovin' Lucca
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  • IMG_0511Little Dilly!
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  • IMG_0526George and Crumpet
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  • IMG_0540
  • IMG_0545Handsome Dudley!
  • IMG_0548Winston aka Churchill
  • IMG_0593Mila?
  • IMG_0590
  • IMG_0581Violet wearing her cool jumper from Max Bone
  • IMG_0564Doodle dashing Violet and Papa
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Amazing 32 at #2 for 2018

It was a cold February Sunday – the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky – and 32 doodles came out to play!!!!  Read more…

Celebrating February with Doodle friends

Hello everyone, we hope your February had been filled with love … Read more…

Even Elvis came!

Happy first meet of 2018! Us, doodles of London – we’re back! Read more…

Starting our Fifth Year

January 2013 – four young cockapoos met up for a playdate.   Read more…

Amazing November Meet!

We were 28! Almost a record but not quite. And so many new faces and so many different types of doodles! Read more…

Our Thanksgiving Meet – this Sunday

Don’t worry – you don’t have to wear a panty over your head for our next Hyde Park Doodle Meet.  We’re only “dressing up”

Read more…

Halloween Doodles!

We had a most hilarious of meet – thanks to George!  Read more…

The Tarantulas are coming!!!

When you go to the park this Sunday, be sure of a big surprise!   Read more…

Ed’s coming to our Halloween meet-up!

In a week’s time, will be our October Hyde Park Doodle meet (29th October) and the theme will be Halloween!!!! Read more…

The Autumnal Sun came out for us

What a glorious day for our September Hyde Park meet! Read more…

More doodle recruits for our Hyde Park meet!

Most of the shops in Chelsea welcome us – which is useful because Chelsea dogs love shopping! 🙂 Read more…

A sunny Bank Holiday!

That sounds like an oxymoron! But it was indeed a beautiful sunny day for our August Hyde Park meet. Read more…

Meet us at the Park on Sunday

The last Sunday of August is coming up and we are excited to have another meet up. Read more…

A Parrot Tree?

Running and strolling around Kensington Gardens, Read more…

When the squirrels won’t come down …

I go to them! Read more…

Into the deep, dark woods with the Tykes

The Tykes took a stroll in the deep, dark woods … Read more…

A special Doodle at our Hyde Park Meet – guess who?

It must be Summer hols – we didn’t have very many doodles today but we had some hooman munchkins Read more…

It’s almost the end of the month …

And its time for our July Hyde Park Meet! Read more…

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“Chicken Lady”, “Little Tyke” and Churchill …

It was a jolly good meet! Read more…