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Jumpers on for this Sunday’s Hyde Park Meet

Today is Christmas Jumper Day, and we are wearing ours! Read more…

You’re a Bernard-doodle?!?!?! Will you come to our Hyde Park meet?

We were walking along Elizabeth Street when we saw this guy!  Read more…

You’re bloomin’ handsome Orlando!

Hello, Orlando!img_8727 Read more…

  • img_8794
  • img_8836
  • img_8849
  • img_8810
  • img_8770
  • img_8797
  • img_8809
  • img_8776
  • img_8772
  • img_8788
  • img_8847
  • img_8799
  • img_8774
  • img_8775
  • img_8785
  • img_8786
  • img_8789
  • img_8796
  • img_8798
  • img_8865
  • img_8807
  • img_8808
  • img_8811
  • img_8812
  • img_8817
  • img_8816
  • img_8815
  • img_8814
  • img_8813
  • img_8819
  • img_8820
  • img_8821
  • img_8854
  • img_8851

Halloween Doodle Meet

It was a foggy morning to begin with – rather appropriate for our Halloween Meet!  Some of us came dressed in costumes! Read more…

Can I play with you at the Halloween Meet?

Some playful pups might be joining our Halloween Meet this coming Sunday! Read more…

Three Amigos

Today we went for a walk in Kenwood Park with Rusty and Lucca. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen two of my oldest friends. Read more…

Greetings from the House of Mutt

Just in case, you’ve forgotten that this is really my blog which seems to have been all about George of late – just thought I’d say “hello” from the House of Mutt in Suffolk! Read more…

  • img_6183Max the Goldendoodle
  • img_6218Chewie and Maisie - puppies at play
  • img_6215Mr. Spencer
  • img_6170
  • img_6168
  • img_6172
  • img_6173Hebe saying "Namaste"
  • img_6176
  • img_6177
  • img_6182
  • img_6181
  • img_6179Cookie
  • img_6178Barnaby
  • img_6184Enzo being enticed by Chewie
  • img_6185
  • img_6186
  • img_6187
  • img_6188Dash
  • img_6191Dash watching Chewie
  • img_6192Miuccia checking out the place
  • img_6193Miuccia joins in
  • img_6190
  • img_6189
  • img_6194
  • img_6195Lola
  • img_6197Chewie running like mad
  • img_6198
  • img_6199
  • img_6200
  • img_6201
  • img_6202
  • img_6214
  • img_6207
  • img_6213Maisie just arrived
  • img_6216Sharing tips!

It’s HPCC Sunday and we had our first Goldendoodle!

Meet Max, our first Goldendoodle at our Hyde Park meets!   Read more…

  • IMG_4885And it was raining
  • IMG_4931A hug for Maisie
  • IMG_4871
  • IMG_4873Darcy, Cookie, George, Maisie
  • IMG_4876
  • IMG_4877
  • IMG_4878
  • IMG_4879
  • IMG_4880
  • IMG_4882
  • IMG_4883
  • IMG_4884
  • IMG_4888It started to rain ...
  • IMG_4889
  • IMG_4891
  • IMG_4892
  • IMG_4897
  • IMG_4902The "treat lady"
  • IMG_4903
  • IMG_4904
  • IMG_4916
  • IMG_4919Proud mummy showing off Rusty on her phone cover
  • IMG_4921Another proud mummy moment showing another cockapoo mummy her video
  • IMG_4924Clemmie and Cookie taking shelter
  • IMG_4928A George look-a-like - but she is part labradoodle!!!!!
  • IMG_4932
  • IMG_4925Bye Miuccia! See you next month

Another British summer day

Last week was one of the hottest weeks of the British Summer and yet on the day we met up, it turned into a more typical British summer day!  Read more…

Krølle, our Norwegian doodle friend

will be joining us this Sunday at our Hyde Park Doodle meet! Read more…

A walk along the Jurassic coast

Day 2 at Burton Bradstock and we were raring to go! Read more…

After our Hyde Park Doodle meet this Sunday, we’ll explore the Pavilion together!

It’s another Hyde Park Doodle meet this coming Sunday.  And whilst there, you can visit the Serpentine Summer Pavilion! Read more…

Beautiful light

The last time we went to see the Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, the day was a bit clouded over, but yesterday, we saw it in a different light. Read more…

One last run …

Our last full day at House of Mutt Read more…

  • IMG_1526
  • IMG_1529
  • IMG_1528
  • IMG_1494
  • IMG_1525
  • IMG_1533
  • IMG_1555Teddy
  • IMG_1554Cookie
  • IMG_1492
  • IMG_1550Rusty
  • IMG_1549Barney and Missy
  • IMG_1556Coco loves Barney
  • IMG_1548Missy
  • IMG_1534George and Cookie
  • IMG_1537Coco
  • IMG_1532Cookie
  • IMG_1531
  • IMG_1519Oreo
  • IMG_1515Spencer
  • IMG_1498Spencer
  • IMG_1514Teddy
  • IMG_1505
  • IMG_1501
  • IMG_1500Lucca and Rusty
  • IMG_1497Cookie and George
  • IMG_1496Missy
  • IMG_1530Naughty George
  • IMG_1520Charlie and Rigby
  • 233120381e3c3748f73292591273a7d4a366af88dc64f66655b1e1f5e30ccef737370a2bCoco and Missy
  • 47439994f85cfd6de967162f5d785d1103b49e1de211204003ec8287d79d7bf1e38dc9aaGeorge
  • 40763682691b82c818698b4030bcc37edf15493014c5bfce4b17517906d312730e962290Lucca
  • 75635866c994f62474e15af1057188e463373a0eb08e670b4750cdf33c1a83fac5ad996dTeddy
  • 27164333b6617e12a031417e19d9b359d3a3f76c9879d7758bb124d9df8b9699bd09536dCharlie and Darcy
  • 288120089f81b58cc9344033b70a038efdb30a8bebf785b9ef0086c96ca314ad867cededCoco

Sunday treats at Doodle Meet

We had our June Hyde Park Doodle Meet yesterday – and for once it did not rain nor threaten to rain.  On top of that, we had special treats from Wellybix! Read more…

  • IMG_9239
  • IMG_9291Meet 3 month old Teddy
  • IMG_9295Meet 4 month old Cream
  • IMG_9275Marley
  • IMG_9267
  • IMG_9255
  • IMG_9254
  • IMG_9253
  • IMG_9252
  • IMG_9251
  • IMG_9249
  • IMG_9244
  • IMG_9245
  • IMG_9246
  • IMG_9247
  • IMG_9248
  • IMG_9242
  • IMG_9241
  • IMG_9240
  • IMG_9237
  • IMG_9235
  • IMG_9234
  • IMG_9233
  • IMG_9232
  • IMG_9226
  • IMG_9228
  • IMG_9229
  • IMG_9230
  • IMG_9231

Bank Holiday Meet-up

It’s a Bank Holiday meet and it wasn’t raining! Read more…

Will you come to our Doodle meet, Arthur and Leo?

We have cockapoos, cavapoos, labradoodles and even maltipoos come to our doodle meets in Kensington Gardens but no golden doodles yet. So we were absolutely delighted when we met Arthur, a goldendoodle – who lives close to us. Read more…

The Secret Garden

Our lovely Miuccia showed us her “Secret Garden” – in the middle of London, across the street from Park Crescent lies a little oasis from the hustle and bustle of busy Marylebone. Read more…

We found out about MYSA on May Day!

Yesterday was May Day. Not Mummy’s day, just May Day.  And when we walked past this maritime flag at the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, Mummy thought this spelt “May’s!”IMG_7451 Read more…

  • IMG_7016-2
  • IMG_7015
  • IMG_7016
  • IMG_7017
  • IMG_7018
  • IMG_7019
  • IMG_7020
  • IMG_7021
  • IMG_7022
  • IMG_7023
  • IMG_7033
  • IMG_7024
  • IMG_7025
  • IMG_7026
  • IMG_7027
  • IMG_7028
  • IMG_7029
  • IMG_7030
  • IMG_7031
  • IMG_7032
  • IMG_7034
  • IMG_7035
  • IMG_7038
  • IMG_7039
  • IMG_7040
  • IMG_7041
  • IMG_7042
  • IMG_7043
  • IMG_7044
  • IMG_7045
  • IMG_7046
  • IMG_7047
  • IMG_7048

O come, all ye doodles!

A doodle meet in Hyde Park!  IMG_7017 Read more…

Mummy recruited a Cavapoo!

Now that we’re a Doodle Meet in Hyde Park, we have been inviting all doodles (plus George) to our meets. Read more…

  • IMG_1287 (1)
  • IMG_5739
  • IMG_5741
  • IMG_5742
  • IMG_5746
  • IMG_5747
  • IMG_5750
  • IMG_5751
  • IMG_5759
  • IMG_5760
  • IMG_5762
  • IMG_5763
  • IMG_5764
  • IMG_5767
  • IMG_5771
  • IMG_5772
  • IMG_5773
  • IMG_5778
  • IMG_5779
  • IMG_5781
  • IMG_5782
  • IMG_5783
  • IMG_5793
  • IMG_5792
  • IMG_5791
  • IMG_5789
  • IMG_5787
  • IMG_5786
  • IMG_5785
  • IMG_5784
  • IMG_5794
  • IMG_5796
  • IMG_5797
  • IMG_5799
  • IMG_5800
  • IMG_5802
  • IMG_5803
  • IMG_5804
  • IMG_5808
  • IMG_5812
  • IMG_5817
  • IMG_5818
  • IMG_5819
  • IMG_5822
  • IMG_5824
  • IMG_5825
  • IMG_1283 (1)
  • IMG_1289 (1)
  • IMG_1290
  • IMG_1304

Lucca’s birthday party at the park!

IMG_5769 Read more…

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N TIME for Lucca!

Wake up, Lucca  it’s your birthday! Happy 4th!

Your mummy told us that we’ll be celebrating your birthday this coming Sunday at our next Hyde Park Doodle meet this Sunday!   Read more…

George has been “Podded”!

Georgie Porgie pudding and pie / Kiss the girls and made them cry / When the boys came out to play / Georgie Porgie ran away!

Oh my goodness, the puzzle has been solved. It has always been in the verse that everyone recites. George was just living up to his name. Read more…

The Best Birthday Ever

It has been a busy few days – and we can finally sit down and recall the best birthday ever!!!! Read more…

  • IMG_3446
  • IMG_3567
  • IMG_3566
  • IMG_3568
  • IMG_3569
  • IMG_3570
  • IMG_3576
  • IMG_3578Downtime for chewing sticks
  • IMG_3579Chew
  • IMG_3580Chew
  • IMG_3581Chew
  • IMG_3582
  • IMG_3583
  • IMG_3585Alfie rather likes Cookie
  • IMG_3586
  • IMG_3557
  • IMG_3558
  • IMG_3544Cavapoos - Teddy and Matilda
  • IMG_3549
  • IMG_3551Cookie and Flora
  • IMG_3553
  • IMG_3554
  • IMG_3555
  • IMG_3556
  • IMG_3510
  • IMG_3482
  • IMG_3483
  • IMG_3501Dillon, cavachon
  • IMG_3503Max and Spook
  • IMG_3505
  • IMG_3506
  • IMG_3507
  • IMG_3539
  • IMG_3534
  • IMG_3533
  • IMG_3524
  • IMG_3523
  • IMG_3466
  • IMG_3465
  • IMG_3463
  • IMG_3467
  • IMG_3471
  • IMG_3478
  • IMG_3479
  • IMG_3480Rusty has an itch
  • IMG_3462Ted from Battersea
  • IMG_3440
  • IMG_3437
  • IMG_3429Six-month old Flora
  • IMG_3561Good bye Tiger Rose

February Hyde Park Doodle Meet

It must be because it is a Leap Year that our February Meet yesterday was extra special in many ways. It wasn’t even a particularly nice day, winter is overstaying its welcome but almost 30 doggies came to play. Read more…

Saying goodbye with roses – For Tiger

Today, at our Hyde Park Doodle Meet, we said good-bye to our friend, Tiger-Rose. IMG_6403 Read more…

A Special Hyde Park Doodle Meet for Tiger

It’s our Hyde Park Doodle meet this coming Sunday – all of us there will run and play and chase each other.

But we also know that one of our friends won’t be back to play with us. Read more…

Mummy was a little relaxed yesterday – and see what happened!

It’s almost Spring, Mummy thought. The sun’s out and it’s not raining. And we went for a walk in Primrose Hill without our Equafleeces. Read more…


We were at Chiswick House & Garden the other day looking at the Magic Lanterns. After that as we walked back to the car, we went for a good run around in the maze. Read more…