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From Southampton to Harrow

We had a travelling Saturday. How was yours? Read more…

Feeling melancholy …

I was sitting with Mummy today as she was on Facebook and saw a photo of Zavia on her “memory” page – when we met up in Nice four years ago yesterday. Read more…

We all say “No” to Puppy Farming!

It was the Sixth Pup Aid event in Primrose Hill – and a beautiful day for it! Read more…

A sunny Bank Holiday!

That sounds like an oxymoron! But it was indeed a beautiful sunny day for our August Hyde Park meet. Read more…

Nooooo!!!! You’re not taking George!

Darcy would be pleased if this was really true. 😉 Read more…

Trying out for size?

Little Tyke has a habit of sitting in my bed … Read more…

When the squirrels won’t come down …

I go to them! Read more…

There’s a girl we love

called Camilla. Read more…

Has it really been seven years?

Happy Birthday, Little Tyke! My BFF. Read more…

Now you are TWO!

Theo(dore Roosevelt) and Winston (Churchill) – what a pair you are! Read more…

The Good Life

After my driving lesson Read more…

Driving Miss Darcy

The weather wasn’t fabulous today so instead of walking in the park, we went for a playdate at Rusty’s. Read more…

A special Doodle at our Hyde Park Meet – guess who?

It must be Summer hols – we didn’t have very many doodles today but we had some hooman munchkins Read more…

Did you see us on telly?

As Mummy and Darcy were away, I got to watch last night’s The Secret World of Posh Pets. Read more…

It’s almost the end of the month …

And its time for our July Hyde Park Meet! Read more…

“Sleep tight my handsome man, I love you lots xxxx”

When posting on Instagram last night, we came across the news about Pudsey, the dog that shot to fame when he won Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, had crossed the rainbow bridge. Read more…

Two + One = Temporarily Three

I think we can safely say, at least for now, there won’t be a third in our home – Read more…

George saved the day!

Just in case you’re wondering where we’ve been … Read more…

It must be tennis ball time again!

We had a date with Krolle (aka Curly) at the Bluebird on Kings Road Read more…

Friends for a Lifetime

Churchill entered our lives unexpectedly … Read more…

“Summer” has arrived

Little Tyke aka Sasha and Mini Tyke aka Syke (and parents) have arrived for the summer – and that for us officially marks the beginning of summer – despite the rain! Read more…

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“Chicken Lady”, “Little Tyke” and Churchill …

It was a jolly good meet! Read more…

The “chicken lady” cometh again to Hyde Park Doodles Meet

Hello all doodles! It is the end of June and it’s time for our next Hyde Park Doodles Meet! Read more…

Churchill has something to say

If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Sir Winston Churchill Read more…

I don’t fancy being the middle dog

OK, Mummy, now that we finally have some time together, can I tell you what I think. Read more…

Not a lot to ask for …

One evening, Churchill whom we know from our many walks together came to stay. We didn’t know why. We didn’t ask. Read more…

Good morning! So what will be today’s adventure?

We woke up this morning and the sun was hiding behind the clouds. Mummy took us out for our morning walk and then to Juice Baby. We sat under the table for hours as Mummy was trying to meet a deadline. Read more…

Have backpack will travel – easier

Yay! Mummy’s all sorted when she has to take the both of us in the tube. Read more…

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And the sun came out for us!

Thank you sun!  We had lots of first timers today! Read more…

Wishing for a sunny Sunday for Bank Holiday HPCC meet!

It’s the last Sunday of the month again!  And it’s yet another Bank Holiday weekend! Read more…