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Paw-tying with Nikko in NYC!

Back in New York City and there’s no stopping us!  Nikko and I went partying in downtown Manhattan! Read more…

Saying it with flowers

Darling Jaffa, I’m going away for a little while. Read more…

Where you go I will follow – King Tommy

We met King Tommy, finalists for Scrufts 2017 at our neighbourhood hangout, Bluebird Cafe. Read more…

It was a long time in the making

Finally, after years of waiting, Peg came to visit! So we wore our Maple Leaf bandanas given to us by another Canadian friend (Joan), to welcome Peg to London! Read more…

Work Benefits

If by any chance you have a dog and Mummy is working on your project, your dog will definitely be incorporated into the task at hand! LOL! Read more…

The newest and cutest little faces on our street

We have new neighbours! More poos in our neighbourhood! Read more…

Saturday Night Lovers

It’s Saturday night and Jaffa, we’re on a “date” … Read more…

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  • IMG_1211
  • IMG_1214
  • IMG_1216
  • IMG_1224
  • IMG_1243
  • IMG_1244
  • IMG_1249
  • IMG_1251
  • IMG_1260
  • IMG_1264
  • IMG_1275
  • IMG_1276
  • IMG_1278
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  • IMG_1289
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  • IMG_1301
  • IMG_1316
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  • IMG_1328
  • IMG_1330

And a parteeee was had by all!

Thank you poos, pooches and humans who came to my birthday parteeee! Read more…

Ha det bra! Saying goodbye in any language is sad.

The literal translation of ha det bra is “have it good.”  That’s “goodbye” in Norwegian. Read more…

Let’s hit the road, George!

There is another park in London we needed to check out – Victoria Park all the way in Tower Hamlet. We’ve  never heard of this park before yesterday. But it was really quite far.  Read more…

Let’s keep looking, let’s keep hoping

Yesterday while we celebrated the return of Heidi, we couldn’t help remembering that it had been almost exactly two years ago that Izzy was lost. Read more…

Oh, Tommy – you’re really mixed up!

In such a LOVELY way! Read more…

Churchill is part of the “doodle” gang

It’s been two weeks since we met a barking, yelping, crying Churchill tied up outside Daunt Books on Fulham Road. Since then some things have changed … Read more…

Cocktails, Hebe?

What will you have?
Read more…

Magical Morden Hall Park

Stanley, Hebe, Jaffa and I had a mini cockapoo meet-up last Wednesday in a new park that Mummy has never been to, but George and I have been there a few times with Agnes. Read more…

Three for company?

Saturday was a planned day full of places to go to and things to check off the list. We had left Maddie and George at home while Mummy and I walked to buy tickets for the new film T2.   Read more…

  • IMG_4300Hi Blue, I'm Alfie!
  • IMG_4297
  • IMG_4293
  • IMG_4291Johnny! Your mummy said you're an incessant barker!
  • IMG_4288Posers!
  • IMG_4287I'm Teddy and I'm the smallest!
  • IMG_4251Hebe says I'd rather be held
  • IMG_4284Alfie is wondering why his human sister is holding Teddy
  • IMG_4281
  • IMG_4278
  • IMG_4243Treats?
  • IMG_4255
  • IMG_4253Vivian and Johnny in matching colours
  • IMG_4249We know you have treats
  • IMG_4241
  • IMG_4240
  • IMG_4235
  • IMG_4223
  • IMG_4221
  • IMG_4219Here comes Buddy!
  • IMG_4215
  • IMG_4213
  • IMG_4212
  • IMG_4211
  • IMG_4209
  • IMG_4200
  • IMG_4199
  • IMG_4194
  • IMG_4190
  • IMG_4186
  • IMG_4184
  • IMG_4170
  • IMG_4167I'd rather be squirrelling
  • IMG_4165Quite a few gingers
  • IMG_4159Here comes Chewy!
  • IMG_4156Fun police is on her way
  • IMG_4151They had the best fun!
  • IMG_4132
  • IMG_4149Chewy and Jasper
  • IMG_4145Best mates
  • IMG_4125
  • IMG_4131
  • IMG_4140
  • IMG_4134A welcoming committee
  • IMG_4120
  • IMG_4118
  • IMG_4144
  • IMG_4157

Happy Fourth Anniversary!

It threatened to rain yesterday morning – the day of our first Hyde Park Meet of 2017!!! But it wasn’t  stopping 24 pooches from meeting up for a runaround. Read more…

A chance meeting four years ago …

This Sunday’s Hyde Park Doodle Meet will mark the fourth anniversary of when it all began back in early January 2013. Read more…

The cutest little Peanut to have arrived in our neighbourhood!

This morning we met 14-week old little Peanut! Read more…

Don’t mind the gap –

It really is not a great divide. Read more…

“Soif” is not what it looks like …

It’s not an alternative to something, as in “so if” something happens … Read more…

On the road with Rockster!

We met The Rockster quite by accident.  Read more…

Our own Cover Girl!

We have a Miss Hungary on the January issue of Dogs Today!  Hooray! Read more…

  • IMG_1535
  • IMG_1484Mac and Maisie - bro and sister
  • IMG_1424
  • IMG_1464
  • IMG_1444
  • IMG_1452
  • IMG_1458
  • IMG_1423
  • IMG_1413
  • IMG_1466
  • IMG_1462
  • IMG_1422
  • fullsizeoutput_5bc
  • IMG_1399
  • IMG_1409
  • IMG_1416
  • IMG_1414
  • IMG_1421
  • IMG_1418
  • IMG_1428
  • IMG_1435
  • IMG_1436
  • IMG_1438
  • IMG_1451
  • IMG_1447
  • IMG_1446
  • IMG_1442
  • IMG_1454
  • IMG_1455
  • IMG_1456
  • IMG_1469
  • IMG_1459
  • IMG_1470
  • IMG_1471
  • IMG_1479
  • IMG_1480
  • IMG_1481
  • IMG_1477
  • IMG_1537
  • IMG_1483
  • IMG_1482
  • IMG_1396
  • IMG_1542
  • IMG_1538
  • IMG_1534

Merry Christmas from London doodles!

We wore our merry Christmas jumpers to our last Hyde Park doodle meet of the year!   Read more…

Jumpers on for this Sunday’s Hyde Park Meet

Today is Christmas Jumper Day, and we are wearing ours! Read more…

Do you think we need a haircut?

It’s time to get cleaned up for Christmas! Or just so we can see!

Read more…

A day with friends in Bury St. Edmunds

It has been over a year since we last saw Bow – and she’s now all grown up. Read more…

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  • img_0306
  • img_0315
  • img_0316
  • img_0318
  • img_0321
  • img_0317
  • img_0320
  • img_0322
  • img_0339
  • img_0378
  • img_0377
  • img_0381
  • img_0375
  • img_0278
  • img_0283
  • img_0285
  • img_0286
  • img_0289
  • img_0291
  • img_0292
  • img_0295
  • img_0298
  • img_0313

Happy Birthday, Rusty! (And our humans are now certifiable…)

Yesterday at our November Hyde Park Doodle Meet, we had cake to celebrate Rusty’s 5th birthday!  Read more…

Making Mummy LOL!

Do you think Mummy’s happy to have us altogether again? LOL!  Read more…

Do you know Milo, aged 2?

This little guy, Milo was tied to a post at Green Drive Area of Lytham, Lancashire and found on the 21 November.  Read more…