Christmas is hope

At this time of year when there’s so much merry-making and everyone’s so busy buying gifts and making plans to get together, it also sadly reminds us of those missing in our lives.  

Just thinking about Izzy and Harlow and those who have left us – Jake and Milo. They have all left emptiness in our hearts and in their homes.

It’s been a long time since both Izzy and Harlow have been taken but many of us still hope that maybe there will be a Christmas miracle. We can only hope. Nothing lost in hoping – it keeps us going.

May’s comments:  Just a few token Christmas decorations made it out of storage this year because we’re leaving sooner than usual for our Christmas holidays.  The presents all distributed – yes! And I had just posted all the Christmas cards. It was writing the cards when I was reminded of those who are missed so much more at this time of year.  As much as there’s merry-making, there’s always a little sadness … .

Remembering those who are still lost out there somewhere.  That at this time of hope, that we continue to pray for miracles that they will be reunited with their rightful families in time.

Remembering those we know who will never be coming home.  Thankful for the memories.

Sending love to the families of Izzy and Harlow, Jake and Milo. xxx


  1. Cheryl

    Still praying for their return! Merry Christmas and safe travels!

  2. Cheryl and Susie

    We must always have hope. Looking forward to reading about your travels.
    Merry xmas to all 3 of you.

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