Tell us all about IT!

Little Tyke calls Impostor – IT 🙂

I think IT had a really good time this last trip to Ko Samui – except when Little Tyke threatened to throw IT into the pool to make a point – that IT was not REAL!!!

Otherwise, Little Tyke and Mini Tyke were relatively happy to see IT. They made the point and Mummy is considering it, as in their suggestion. 🙂

This is what IT got up to during the week they were there.

Every morning was a school run, starting with breakfast. It’s safe to have IT around the table – as IT would never try to eat anything on the table.In this picture, Mini Tyke was having a mini grump and didn’t want her picture taken. LOL!

Then IT goes on the school run …Singing along with the Tykes.

On the way, they drove past lots of shops along the streetsand Bhuddist temples Enroute, Mummy is always on the look out for dogs. Particularly in the mornings, the dogs are just waking up and walking about  while it is still cool enough. The entourage finally arrive at the International School of SamuiAnd the two Tykes get ready for their walk to their classroom.Little Tyke asked, “Do we have to do this?

And off they went but IT stayed in the car –And that’s the advantage of having IT – even though it is so hot, he didn’t melt either.

After the school run, Mummy usually goes for breakfast – preferably something localLike Congee!

Then it’s back home for a swimMaybe a foot massageAlong the way, they sometimes see chickens and other livestockAll too soon, it was time for school pick-up.Little Tyke and Mini Tyke were always plenty hungry after a long day at schoolThey always had nice snacks.

Back home, it’s hanging out by the pool while IT writes a blog with MummyOn one evening, they went to this lovely place called The Library –It was on the beach – with many references to reading booksWhile walking along the beach, Mummy saw a dog Just casually walking along.IT didn’t get to go out to restaurants much.

On the last night they were there, there was a full moon.The hoomans enjoyed a swim under the moonlit skiesAs the week came to an end – and as a tradition, on the last night, Little Tyke always has a sleepover with Mummy and us, but this time IT had the honour.And on early Easter morning, Little Tyke and his Daddy took them to the airportWhat a gentleman he is growing up to beOne last photoAnd then it was another goodbye.They checked in and sat waiting for boarding. Ko Samui airports are a series of thatched huts – and Mummy made sure they sat at a spot where the fan blew directly at her.Mummy doesn’t like the heat much – she gets grumpy! LOL!

Next stop – Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport – checking in at British Airways
It was Easter Sunday and the staff wore bunny ears! This lady thought it was so sweet that Mummy had IT. She said, “You miss your dog so much, you have picture.” LOL – not really. It’s called writing a blog.

After passing through immigration, there wasn’t much time to go to the Lounge – Mummy chose shopping instead. She loves stopping at Jim Thompson where she usually buys gifts for the kiddiesBut this time, it was all about us dawgs! Yay! Can’t wait to see what she had bought for us.

More last minute shoppingAnd all too soon, it was boarding time. Twelve hours later, Mummy and IT landed in Heathrow …So Agnes, when do we go home?

May’s comment: It had been a fun trip. Sasha and Skye are growing up and such busy bees all week as they go to school and all their extracurricular activities.  Sasha is at the age where he is doing things for himself – and has opinions about things. I feel I am “losing” him and yet he is doing everything you want him to be doing. Love is a constant lesson in letting go.  Thank goodness, Skye has slipped right into the role of still wanting to sit with me.


  1. Oh May what a wonderful trip <3 That house is absolutely AMAZING, what a place !!! The BA checking girl's comment made me laugh out loud as I read it with the accent. Hope your reunion with the kids was sweet <3

    • Miss Darcy

      😄 so glad you got the implied accent. Babies not back till tomorrow. I hit the ground running today!!!

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