What a day!

I got lost, I got yelled at, I got stung, had lunch and did Agility.  It was both a physically and mentally exhausting day – I was wiped out!

It started like most days as we went for our walks. Yesterday morning we met Muffin and her Mummy in Hyde Park and before long it unfolded into an eventful day.

IMG_3311 I was busy on the hunt and then when I couldn’t catch it (like I always never seem to do) I couldn’t find Mummy. I ran back to where we started all the way back to Kensington Palace. I ran back and forth and back and forth but no Mummy! I was panicking. Then in the distance I heard a whistle. But I couldn’t locate the direction it was coming from. Then I heard the whistle again and headed towards it. Finally after what seemed like eternity, I figured out where it was coming from and ran in that direction. Then I saw Mummy!  I galloped towards her but I was a bit embarrassed. I acted like – what’s wrong? And continued to chase squirrels. Actually I was quite scared and thought I had lost Mummy but I didn’t let her know.

So we kept walking and suddenly Muffin went up to this fat man who was wearing shorts and socks with sandals and barked at him. He was holding a newspaper in his hand and started to swipe at Muffin. She barked some more and I then went to see what was happening and joined in the happenings. I jumped up but didn’t touch him when he started to swipe at me. Mummy called out to him to stop doing that – as that it would make it worse as we will only defend ourselves from being hit. The man, red in the face started to shout at Mummy telling us to put us on leads. Mummy said – this is Hyde Park – all dogs are off leads. He was terribly rude and said something like – you are animals you don’t need to have animals!!! Marianne was holding onto Muffin.  Muffin never really barks and she’s a happy girl.  All she wants from anyone are tummy rubs.

Mummy said – we always seem to know when humans don’t like us. Mummy figured it was pointless speaking to that man so she kept quiet. I knew both Mummy and Marianne were really perturbed by the incident. And all it takes it one of these people to say something bad about us. 🙁

So off we went – all of us quite shaken by the incident. We were running in the wide grassy areas when all of a sudden I stopped – OUCH! IMG_3614Mummy knew something was wrong. I didn’t get up. I started to lick my paw. She ran over to me but couldn’t see what was wrong. I didn’t get up to follow her when she told me to. When I did I was limping. Mummy was really concerned and even though she couldn’t see anything wrong with my paw, she rushed me to the vet. I was licking my paw incessantly.IMG_3617

Once there they knew exactly what was wrong. The vet told Mummy that there has been a lot of bee and wasp stings lately and it’s likely I was stung.IMG_3623One of my pads looked irritated. The vet said it was a wasp sting and not a bee. If it was a bee it would have left a sting.
IMG_3625He washed my paws to disinfect it.IMG_3629Then he gave me an anti-inflammatory jab.IMG_3631 Thankfully I was fine by the time I left the vet – Mummy was wondering if she needed to cancel our agility class later in the day. No, I was fine. We went off to have lunch with Marianne sans Muffin at Maggie Jones. IMG_2391I was rather quiet for a change except to growl at two other dogs that came in later.IMG_3635 After lunch, next stop – at Miuccia’s as we drove to Gerard’s Cross for our Agility. It’s Miuccia’s first.IMG_3646May’s comment: What an eventful day it was. It’s been a long time since Darcy lost sight of me and got lost. I could see where she was in the far distance but she couldn’t hear my whistle. As I kept my eyes trained on her as she ran in a panic pattern – back and forth and back and forth – seeking me out, my heart was in my mouth. But eventually when she saw me she ran towards me and past me – with an attitude like – “what’s wrong?”  It was as if she was embarrassed that she got lost!

Then that awful incident of the man shouting at us. The dogs always seem to know who doesn’t like them. Sweet little Muffin was expressing her displeasure – unfortunately she was right! He was an awful man – swiping at the dogs with his rolled up papers. He was beyond reason and I should have not even answered him but I had to tell him to stop that action.  People like him can cause problems for us.

Then all of a sudden Darcy was on the ground – licking her paws. She was limping. I hurried to take her to Kynance vet and thankfully I did. I never hesitate taking her there as soon as I know something’s wrong. I told the vet – “I was just thinking the other day that it’s been awhile since I’ve been there” – He said – never think that!

But she was fine after that and we walked to lunch at Maggie Jones before we continued the rest of the day going to agility. And by the end of it, a lot poorer and exhausted!

Well, what an eventful day!


  1. Miami Malteses

    Miss Darcy we feel so bad you had a bit of a scare on 3 fronts there! But thankfully you are ok! Remember that not all humans are accustomed to doggies and most are scared because they don’t know that you bark to say “hi” and introduce yourself and we are sorry that man acted so awful! Maybe someday someone can give him a proper introduction to a beautiful “animal” and then he won’t be so gruff and sour anymore! We send you licks and licks for your paw!

  2. Maggie Danks

    How awful for you MissDarcy. You must never lose site of mummy. Maggie does it all the time to me when we walk in the forest and I have to keep blowing my whistle and calling for her. She will then wander out from the trees as if she knew where I was all along. X

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