Disinterested George

It is very unlike George that when Little Tyke is having a snack, that he was not interested.  IMG_3121Mummy had thought he was a bit clingy the other day, and then Little Tyke asked why George isn’t his usual happy self. So when he showed no interest in Little Tyke’s snack, she started to worry.

He had a tick on his leg which Mummy had removed – he didn’t like Mummy touching it at first but did let her remove it.  Since he was out in the countryside, he must have picked it up there. Funny how no one, not even the groomers picked it up, so how long it’s been there was what worried Mummy – as there’s a possibility that if it had been there for awhile, it could cause Lyme disease., though apparently only a very small percentage.

So we all went with George to the vet.IMG_3127Peter, the vet checked him over thoroughly, feeling his joints. No swelling.IMG_3129 Looked at his eyes. All fine.IMG_3131 And his gums. All fine too.IMG_3133 His stomach was not swollenIMG_3134 And the last thing – getting his temperature.IMG_3136 While all that was going on, Little Tyke was not so much interested in George’s health but a set of dog’s teeth!IMG_3137 He wanted to know why there were different coloured holes and what they meant.IMG_3139Maybe someday Little Tyke, you might be a vet – and take care of lots of doggies.

May’s comment:  Maybe it was the heat or maybe he felt a little sad coming home after a fun-filled week at house of Mutt.  But George was unusually subdued on Thursday … when he spent the day with me.  Even Sasha mentioned he was not his usual self – so worry set in and not wanting to wait and see what happens, rushed off to an emergency appointment – especially since we found a tick on him after his stint in the countryside. The tick had come off completely but there was a little raised bump. You never know.

Thankfully he seems alright but had to keep an eye on him – should he get sick.  Well, he did on Friday. Three times. Hmmm.  But appetite was still good. This morning he had a bit of diarrhoea. And while he still ran in the park like he always does, he also spent a lot of time sitting next to me.  Will continue to see how he’s doing and if need be – back to the vet on Monday.IMG_3239Extra hugs for Georgie these days.

Or maybe he is finally growing up and becoming calmer which leads me to believe he is not that old as we initially thought he is – his weepy eyes are less so and he is so much calmer. Maybe he was just one – which makes him three come September.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Will be praying for Georgie! Bet it was the whirlwind of fun activity of House of Mutt and the excitement of seeing Mummy again all catching up with him!

  2. Sarah Johnson

    Hope he is ok, but it is not uncommon for dogs to go off their food in very hot weather. I am having similar experiences with Merlin.

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Dear little Georgie, I hope he’s OK and bounces back quickly.

  4. Margaret Danks

    I do hope little Georgeous is just feeling the heat. Hugs from Maggiedog 🤕🤒😷

  5. Miami Malteses

    Did the vet do any blood analysis? Ticks are awful little buggers..also he could have eaten some berries or grass that he is not used to or can be bad for doggies…I give my babies Pepto Bismol which is a human stomach over the counter medication and it really helps them with their bad tummies..hope George feels better..they don’t typically slow down abruptly because they are getting older..also even when they feel sick their instincts to run and play and to please their parrnts are stronger !

  6. Christine

    Hope George feels better soon.

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