Apologies for Mummy’s humour

I have to warn you ahead of reading this – it is not a “pleasant” post – no matter what time of day it is you’re reading it.It is Mummy’s humour.

This was what happened.

We were walking past Chelsea Old Town Hall where many civil marriages take place. On these steps, many celebrations have taken place. There’s often confetti on the sidewalk when the bride and groom emerged from their civil marriage ceremony …

One day last week, we were walking past Chelsea Old Town Hall when I needed to do a poo … Sorry!!! I warned you!

May’s comment: How could I resist? LOL!!!! Note the beautifully formed stools! Thanks to feeding raw!


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    You chose your spot we’ll Miss D!😍

  2. Jill Keiser

    Fine specimen!

  3. Otto Carroll

    Somehow with dogs monitoring poo for indications of health is much more serious than the typical jokes. Glad Darcy is doing so well!

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