New dog friendly cafes on King’s Road

The new dog friendly cafes on King’s Road are creating a new vibe.  Once the swinging King’s Road of the 60’s –

These days, we’re swinging with a sugar high! There are a few pretty and sweet little cafes that have opened and will open.  So pleased to report that they are all dog-friendly!

The much awaited opening of Maitre Choux now makes it a delight walk along the King’s Road and stop for a cuppa and a choux.

Love the pink wall of flowers and pink tea-cup …
A hazelnut choux and chouqette

And where was once an almost dog-friendly cafe, we now have one that is so cool and calm – we’re happy to have Matcha & Beyond as another place to stop for interesting cakes and food – all matcha related.

Very green everything
Matcha Tea and a slice of Matcha Velvet Cake – a green version of the Red Velvet!!!!
Good place to stop for awhile when on the busy King’s Road!

Still to come – Peggy Porschen on the King’s Road!  No more having to go all the way to Elizabeth Street.  In fact right after our wash-n-fluff at Love My Human, we can just wander across the street for a cup cake but I have a feeling it will be more like – WHILE we are getting a wash, Mum will be hanging out having her red velvet! 

May’s comment:

The swinging King’s Road of the 60’s is becoming cool again – this time – with a whole new lease in fun shops and new cafes and restaurants – more of this on another post.  

Maitre Choux – 59 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4ND

Matcha and Beyond – 191 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5ED


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