Lucky Frodo! (The Dog Rescuers – Episode 10)

“Through no fault of their own, some dogs have been let down by their owners.” Tonight  we hear the story about Louie, Alfie, Patch, Kate, Ty and Frodo!

13-year old Louie lived in an appalling condition with her owner.


He seemed fine at first though wearing some strange belt.   The owner called him a “hoover” as he ate everything but he was actually scavenging for food in his own home.


The owner had come to realise that she had lost control of her situation and asked to have Louie signed over to the RSPCA.

When they took him to the vet, they found he had been suffering from some chronic skin issues, resulting in severe ear and eye disease. He had some blood tests to make sure there’s no underlying problems. His situation could have been avoided.  The good news is that in less than 3 weeks later, he’s a brand new dog at age 13!


Springer Spaniel, Alfie’s owner was arrested the day before and he was left to fend for himself.  The RSPCA went to determine if anyone was looking after him.  They found that he was left in a situation where he was walking on a lot of glass as he went in and out of the house.


The RSPCA stepped him and again managed to get Alfie signed over.


Fortunately he did not hurt himself.  But they found that he was left with stagnant rain water to drink and mouldy food. Yuck!

Next is Patch, a West Highland Terrier belongs to a pensioner.


She had a bad skin condition and a cataract. She had already lost her sight in one eye.


And even worse is that there were tumours on her mammary glands. She needed an x-ray to see if those tumours had spread to her chest.


Thankfully she was fine.  In this case, the RSPCA tried their hardest to let Patch enjoy a few more years with her owner.


Kate and Ty, two Newfoundlands were living in dire conditions and in a bad way underweight. RSPCA also found a very small quiet Pomeranian puppy – he was so malnourished, he was half the size he should be. All three were taken away from their owners to the vet to be looked at.


The Newfoundlands ended up in an animal centre – with food to eat and water to drink, exercise and TLC – they are waiting to be re-homed.

IMG_7557 IMG_7602

The Pomeranian eventually went home with the vet and was named Frodo!  But due to his poor start in life, his growth has been stunted. But he has personality!

May’s comment: More dogs in poor conditions, but that’s to be expected if the RSPCA has to step in to help out.


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