Don’t get wet Impostor!

Impostor made it to Megève with the Tykes!If not for the tell tale sign of grass under it’s feet, Impostor would do a good job fooling a lot of people! 🙂

Impostor didn’t make it out of the room on the first day as Mummy wasn’t sure how she was going to carry it. But today, she had a backpack and in went Impostor – it’s neck not doing too well …It gets to peep out now and then to see what’s going on and which pose will it be doing next.Mummy sneakes it out quickly for some photo ops!Checking out Little Tyke and Mini Tyke skiing.And for when Mummy is brave enough to pose together – LOL!And sometimes Mummy forgets to cover up ImpostorSo all’s going well there as Little Tyke and Mini Tyke learn to ski!May’s comment: Oooh, I thought I would be happy just doing Apres-ski but was desperate to get up on the slopes. But no, I decided against it. Watching Sasha and Skye walking in their ski boots and learning to ski for the first time had been enjoyable as well as picking up little tots after they’ve fallen and couldn’t get up. I know that feeling all too well so it made me at least feel good to help out.

For those who do not know Impostor, he’s a 2D version of Darcy. It came about when I wanted to travel to India and to take “that photo” at the Taj of me and Darcy. Ridiculously so, I wasn’t;t allowed to take the “dog” inside – but since then Impostor had travelled to many places that my pooches couldn’t go to – to name a few – Ko Samui, Dubai, Jordan and now Megeve.


  1. Cheryl Adams

    What a great trip! Love seeing the photos of the “Tykes” learning to ski!

  2. Maria

    Awesome .

  3. Sandy

    Looks like you’re all having fun and I love the 2D version of Darcy

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