Donut tricks!

Donuts are not just for eating …”

Said Mum.

What do you mean?

SIT! STAY! Now don’t move!

And she plonked a donut on my nose.


And we can hear George’s little paws on the wooden floor coming towards us.

“Come here! Sit!”

But the donut was too big for his little nose – so it went on his head.

We did get to eat the donut but not before humiliating us.

That was Friday. Yesterday, Mum had a really busy day going things around and shredding papers!!! At day’s end she needed some amusement.

Darcy!” she hollered. Uh-oh. Here we go again.

Balancing act – part 2.
George still could not balance it on his nose.

Today, Mum and I were out and about while George went for a playdate with his other favourite hooman girlfriend, Emily. (P.S. He has three human girlfriends – Victoria, Emily and Poppy.)

So with no George, I got to balance two donuts!

Mum, its sliding down!!!

But I didn’t get to eat them both!!!!! 🙁

May’s comment: Learn some tricks before getting treats! Tough love! LOL!

Thank you Rosalie and Yuuna for providing us with so much fun along with treats! Donuts from Arton & Co.


  1. Liz Burman

    I almost feel sorry for you two pooches. The look on George’s face is priceless. It’s good to give their little brains some stimulation. I always make Elsie roll over and then shake hands before I give her a treat. She’s so used to it now that she just rolls over when I even go in the general direction of the treat jar!! Will have to think of a new trick. Not sure if She would hold her head still enough to balance something on her nose!😄

  2. Kathy shoulders

    Haha!! That is so funny! The look on both of their little faces is priceless!❤️❤️

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