Dr. Kildare, I’ve got the itch!

I had the itch all day yesterday and all night. Mummy wanted to be sure I am ok before she leaves me. So to the vet again – third time in three days.  First I had two ticks in my head. Then I had one tick on the right hind leg. And since I had Advatix (R) put on me, I have not stopped itching. I could not walk down the road without stopping every few yards to scratch, to chase my tail and when I get home I am rubbing my back on the carpet. I am uncomfortable.

I’m not my usual self. I didn’t jump out of bed this morning at the word “breakfast”. I pawed and rolled and tumbled around the bed all night. I’m exhausted. So Mummy took me to the vet.


I’m usually thrilled when I get to the vet. I am sniffing around and jumping up at the counter. They can jab me, pinch me, weigh me – whatever – I always get treats there. But today, I just wanted to sit next to Mummy – without her telling me to do so.

Dr. White suggested it was the Advatix on my skin and so they washed me – to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Then he gave me an anti-inflammatory shot. And to take it easy – no Frontline or anything for at least two weeks. And I am going out to the country again today – so a bit worried if those ticks are going to get at me again.


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