Dressed for a rainy day … in search for lighting

No, not lightning! LOL!

Thankfully we didn’t have to walk about in the rain. Instead we went straight to the Chelsea Design Centre to look for light fixtures.

We first went to Original BTC – Mummy likes their lights. There were so many to choose from …IMG_4546She was busy deciding when Rusty and Martine came in to have a look too.IMG_4552 I liked these copper bells but Rusty wasn’t sure about them as he was afraid they might ring and frighten him.IMG_4545Unsure, Rusty left the store to go look for something else … so I went to see where he wentIMG_4550 Oh, there you are!IMG_4551Rusty said, “Check out those big circular things floating in the air!”IMG_4549We went down the stairs to see what else there might be of interestIMG_4553Oh look, how clever of them – they look like colour pencils.IMG_4571But if you look closer they are actually rolled up fabric made to look like colour pencils.IMG_4572Now what’s all this? This is more interesting – sheep! What are they doing here?IMG_4555 Hmmm, I can think of lamb chops!IMG_4561 But alas, Martine said – they are not real!IMG_4562 And Rusty went behind to check them outIMG_4569 Oh well then, not so interesting – let’s go shopping instead, Rusty. They usually have food behind the counters.IMG_4558May’s comment: Rusty and Darcy having an afternoon at Chelsea Design Centre.

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  1. Rusty

    Rusty had so much fun shopping with Darcy.

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