Goodbye London! Grüße aus Düsseldorf

Goodbye London – for a few days.

IMG_4108Our journey to Düsseldorf began from Liverpool Station.

We were cutting it a bit tight and only five minutes to spare as Mummy grabbed her roller bag and ran into the station. Just then they announced the platform for the train to Harwich International. Mummy started to “sprint” (carefully) to Platform 14, weaving around the other people in the station. And I thought – woohoo! Mummy’s in a playful mood. So I started to play tug-o-war with my lead.  Well, that didn’t go down well. Got yelled at and told to behave.

We made it to Platform 14 with three minutes to spare – Mummy was quite the sprinter! Her hip and knee must be healing well – LOL!IMG_4111We jumped into the first carriage of the train – heaving a sigh of relief. And Mummy was smiling again.


And I dutifully took my seat.IMG_4112About an hour and a half into the journey we finally caught sight of the ferry in the harbour.

IMG_4118The train station was just adjacent to the terminal so we didn’t have far to walk.

The last couple of times we were here, the place was packed with passengers. Last night, the place looked deserted.

Hello? Is there a ferry leaving for Holland tonight?

IMG_4121 Yes, there was! IMG_4124 We went through security. Immigration waved us through. Mummy checked in – got her cabin pass and onward train journey tickets for Holland. They did not need anything from me.IMG_4125 And then we’re off on the long ramp walk to board the ferry.IMG_4127 Once on board …IMG_4129we had to report to Guest Services to check me – into the kennel!

IMG_4131 This is the part I did not like!IMG_4137Mummy made me a nice bed with the duvet they have available but I didn’t like the smell of them and didn’t want to sit on it. She left me a bowl of water which got in the way of where I wanted to sit. And she left me a Kong filled with treats except she thought she was being clever and brought George’s smaller Kong – of course I couldn’t get the treats out! So all in all – I was not a happy camper.

IMG_4139She left me here while she went to her cabin.  At this point I thought to myself – George is having a better time than I was! 🙁 Needless to say I was upset. I was the only pooch in the kennel this time.  I felt lonely and was afraid.

When the ferry finally set sail, Mummy came to see me – to calm me down. I needed some hugs and cuddles. IMG_4146

I still wasn’t happy when she left me again.IMG_4149I sat on the duvet but soon after she left, I went and sat by the gate, crying.
IMG_4151And I know she knows because she would have been sitting in her cabin, tuned into the Doggy Channel and watched me bark and cry.
IMG_4134 IMG_4135Early next morning before we arrived at the port, Mummy came down to give me breakfast.  That made feel better. Food always does wonders for my mood.

She took me to the deck for a wee-wee. I wasn’t sure that was what I was supposed to do as it did not really feel like I was outside. But she kept urging me to and I finally did.IMG_4141

I just couldn’t wait to get off the ferry.  Mummy made me put on a jacket as it had snowed both in Holland and Germany and it’s colder than it was in London.IMG_4181And as dogs were not allowed in the public areas, it was a good excuse for us to sit by the exit and waited for the doors to open. IMG_4171We were the first ones off.IMG_4174And we walked along another long ramp before we got to passport control – again they didn’t need to see mine.

Finally we were outside of a building – and it was time for a poo! No time to waste.  Business completed, we got on the first train that took us to Rotterdam.  As Hoek van Holland is the beginning of this train line we always have a seat but the train filled up with every stop as the Dutch started their day – people going to work on the trains.

At Rotterdam Central, we had seven minutes to catch a connecting train to Utrecht. By now we were such experts at running through stations that we made it in plenty of time.

But during every train ride, I napped. I needed to catch up on sleep as I hardly had any last night in the kennel. IMG_4179 IMG_4183We arrived in Utrecht in a short time and had more than an hour to spare before the next train to Dusseldorf.  This station was familiar to us. We took the same route three years ago. We even sat in Starbucks back then and we did again this time. IMG_4187And I took a nap while Mummy was writing.

Finally we were on the last leg of our train rides.  We took the ICE train –IMG_4205 And I took another nap.IMG_4196As we got off the train – I met another doggy on the platform and we said hello! IMG_4204 And finally  there’s Sylvia!IMG_4206Endlich!!!! Wir sind in Dusseldorf!

If you think this blog went on and on, well so did the journey. And I promise you the journey was much longer!

May’s comment: This route is now familiar to us and we know all the tricks as in platforms and where the lifts were, etc, etc. But this time Darcy did not like being in the kennels. It must have something to do with her being there all alone. In the past there were other dogs and they kept each other company by barking till they were tired and then settled down.  Maybe she was scared.

I was so tempted to go down and smuggle her into my room. No one was around and I could have easily done so.

Next time if I can avoid it, I would rather take a car across the Channel – that way we are together.  I know, she’s a little spoilt.



  1. Ruth Middleburgh Adley

    Great blog – what a journey you both had – let’s hope you have a great time and better return journey xx

  2. Wendeline

    Great story and photos. Have fun in Düsseldorf!

  3. Laura cordovano

    Definitely sneak her into your room! Since George has come onto your life Darcy is never alone anymore so that must have been horrible for her and for you.

  4. Jocelyn

    I got worn out reading about your journey, I have still not taken Lucca on the tube!!!

  5. Alison Mullett

    I admire your determination to travel on public transport! Poor Darcy. I think I’d have sneaked her into the cabin
    But in sure you’ll have a lovely time that will make it all worthwhile!!! Enjoy!! X

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