Dydd Gŵyl Dewi – but my daffodils have not bloomed yet

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus iawn i chi gyd. (St David’s Day to you all)

I’m from Wales and felt I should wish all my Welsh brothers and sisters, fellow pooches and our Welsh readers Happy St. David’s Day!

We had to google what one does on St David’s Day since Mummy doesn’t know much about the Welsh traditions.  Google search told us that the Welsh celebrate by wearing a daffodil – the national symbol of Wales. Mummy bought me some daffodils IMG_3627But Mummy, they have yet to bloom!IMG_3629You couldn’t find any?

What about leeks? That is St David’s personal symbol.  You cooked all the leeks last night?

Can we be a bit more prepared for next year?

May’s comment:  And I couldn’t find a red dragon either. Not doing so well for David’s Day which is on March 1st – the day the people of Wales celebrate their patron saint, St David.


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