Eight Candle Flames

All eight candles on the menorah are lit tonight.

IMG_1255Earlier today we Skyped Little Tyke and Mini Tyke as they lit their candles in Bangkok.IMG_1272 IMG_1275 IMG_1265Sending you all our love and may your homes be filled with warmth and light.

May’s comment: When I lived in New York City with my “Jewish family” the Hanukkah celebrations and the candles added more light and magic to the festivities of the season.

And when I returned to London, I continued to celebrate it with my other Jewish family.

Sometimes even though certain traditions do not necessarily pertain to ourselves in some religious or historical way, but if we relate to that innate beauty and the meaning of a tradition, how lovely it is to join in the celebration and making it significant in a personal way.

I’ve had many lovely memories of Hanukkah with the two special “families” in my life.  And I’ve decided to commemorate those beautiful moments shared with them by lighting the menorah candles.

Last year we celebrated Hanukkah with Sasha and Skye.  This year, I lit the candles on the menorah with my doggies – and remembering especially my friend Sandrine who is no longer with us. Missing her, remembering all the amazing feasts she used to cook for us. And was a loyal friend.

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  1. Alison Mullett

    Well said May. Although I’m not Jewish I too love the Hannukah traditions (particularly potato latkahs).
    Happy Hannukah to you, Darcy and George

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