Enjoying the art with Darcy, the Artsy!

There’s been a lot of art in our world of late.

When I was in the South of France, I came across a lot of art works.

And I gave them my doggy commentary.

A Leger mural at La Colombe d’Or courtyard
A Miro in one of the dining rooms
A Hans Hedberg apple by the pool
At the bar where Picasso used to sit and run up a tab
One of the Picassos at La Colombe d’Or
And some Calders to finish off.

New Banksy Street Art?

Back in London, there’s been speculation that a new Banksy art work has appeared in Marble Arch – which was the base of the climate activists’ recent protest. The picture of the child holding the Extinction Rebellion emblem and a spade digging into the soil with a plant growing from it – with the words:

From this moment despair ends and tactics begins.”


Note: Extinction Rebellion is urging the government to “tell the truth” about the scale of the climate crisis. It wants the UK to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and a Citizens’ Assembly set up to oversee the changes needed to achieve this. (BBC News)

May’s comment:

Not yet confirmed if it is a Banksy but so excited to see it. Typical of Banksy art – and relevant message.

Last weekend we were sitting by the pool in unseasonably warm Spring day. Today we needed a raincoat and I had on three layers. Climate change?

Darcy wearing a Poldo raincoat – gifted.

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  1. Cheryl

    Darcy, your reviews are pawsome! Climate change is real! We had beautiful sunny and warm, and now we are supposed to get 3-5” of snow! UGH!

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