A Special Friend

I don’t blame Little Tyke and Mini Tyke for wanting to be with George more than me.
IMG_1681 It has a lot to do with size but also George is very responsive to hugs and cuddles.IMG_1710Well, it’s not just us. Because when Mummy took Little Tyke to the Fire Station, they were equally enamouredIMG_1692 By little George!IMG_1691May’s comment: We have a budding politician. When asked who he prefers, Sasha said, “I love them both equally.”

Even though I know he feels a lot more comfortable with George because of size. There’s a big difference between Darcy or Charlie jumping up in excitement compared to George.  But then I think he also realises that he loves them both differently – bit it’s still love.IMG_1764

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  1. Elizabeth Burman

    See Georgie there are some advantages to being dinky winky.

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