Gelato per me!

After pizza we went to the gelateria at Chelsea Farmer’s Market.  It was a hot day and I sure did gobble up the whole ice cream cone very quickly.IMG_6413

Charles kept telling me to slow down or I’d get brain freeze.  No such thing!  I finished mine before Mummy hardly started hers. So I tried to get some of hers. No luck.

Dri Dri is our favourite gelateria usually after a long walk but today was a beautiful day and what better way to celebrate the end of day than with a gelato!

May’s comment: Herein lies the problem – losing the weight battle right here for Miss Darcy and Miss May!

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  1. Julia Bates

    Wow Darcy that was quick! Mummy should get you some doggy ice cream from Billy & Margot. Harry loves them his favourite is banana & honey! Not good for the diet though

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