George pees for England!

One afternoon when we went for our walk, Little Tyke counted the number of times George pee’d. IMG_5398“George pee’d nine times, George pee’d nine times!”IMG_5387“George pee’d fourteen times, George pee’d fourteen times!”

George pee’d …IMG_5402TWENTY TIMES!!!!

Me, Darcy – once, selectively and very discreetly! George, is the ultimate peeing machine!

May’s comment: It is a known fact that boys mark territories but this was a 15 minute afternoon walk around the neighbourhood!  George pees more than ay boy dogs I know! Every twenty steps it seems!



  1. Jill Keiser

    Maybe it’s a guy dog thing.

  2. Daniel Hall

    It’s an ancient male dog thing–leaving territorial marks. Found about this I believe in a film about wolves. George is really into letting other dogs know about his “territory.”

  3. Nancy Koon


  4. Julia

    Haha just like Harry! Cocks his leg about 10 times but nothing comes out!!!

  5. Margaret Danks

    He’s leaving peemail !

  6. Gemma

    Marni is not very ladylike.. She marks like a boy dog on a walk.. And sometimes cocks her dainty little leg too..!

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