Georgie’s not puzzled

So we had a little competition when George came home and Jaffa came over.  IMG_0211Jaffa was suppose to have the easy blue Dog Tornado but she went straight for the Dog Finder.IMG_0213And Georgie was given the Dog Brick ActivityIMG_0212 And I was left to solve the very easy Dog TornadoIMG_0214 Georgie not only quickly finished the Dog Brick puzzle but he went over to help Jaffa finish up hers IMG_0215 IMG_0218Well, I guess I am not the only smart one in this Trio!

May’s comment: Georgie was afraid of the Nina Ottoson toys the first time I gave him to try the Dog Tornado – on Christmas Day but since then, he’s tackling them very quickly. When Darcy was playing with pushing bricks, George learnt to topple the white bone shaped cups. So he wasn’t fazed at all by these new toys that consisted of a lot of white bone cups! As for Jaffa, she took to the challenge and figured it all out. Do we have smart doggies, or what?!?!?!

Problem is these toys are rather large and now where do I store them!?!?!?!

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  1. Liz

    Definitely three little doggy Einsteins there!

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